15 Things I've Learnt in 15 Months of Parenting

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

So it has been 15 months since I became a parent and it has been an all consuming, all encompassing job. In all of it, I have learnt so much and in trying to be as authentic as possible I will share all the juice and non-juicy bits

1. As a stay at home/part-time working mum the hours between 3pm- 6pm/ bedtime feel like millennia. There are not enough toys to keep your child occupied during this high energy period. Now that its getting cooler in Abu Dhabi (Thank Heavens), we normally go to the playground and tire the little man out.

      2. Your heart will turn into mush, every sad , heartbreaking story will bring out so much empathy and sympathy. I cannot read any stories about mistreatment and even hearing stories of climate change and how we are ruining the planet for the next generation bring me to despair

3. Getting angry at your child is perfectly normal, toddler tantrums are the worst. Do not rack yourself with guilt for getting pissed off at your child, place them in a safe space and take 5 mins to calm down and then get back to it. 

4. Do not let other Mamas and Daddy's influence you to make decisions that don't suit yourfamily, if your baby(ies) want to sleep with you and everyone gets good sleep then why not?

      5. Watching your child learn a new skill is the best feeling ever!

      6. Your child will soak up everything they see you do, you are their world. If you are a good,kind human then most likely your child will be.

      7. Let your child explore, if they want to pick up a stone, flower, leaf from the floor give them the opportunity to take on the experience of holding a new item. Remember, they are exploring these things for the first time ever.

       8. Waking up at 6 am is the worst but being woken up at 6.11 am everyday by little fingers pushing your eyeballs and big wet kisses from your toddler is the best feeling ever

       9.Mamas are never in the photo....this needs to change

      10. Always check your clothes before you leave the house, you may just have snot stuck to your                t-shirt or hummus on your jeans.

      11. NEVER expect your child to be an extension of you, they are their own human being with their own emotions and feelings. I am an awkward introvert, my son however walks up to                    people and demands smiles and conversation. He is currently trying to warm up our rather stern neighbour by dishing smiles and giggles. 

      12. Raising a child is the scariest thing in the world, you are filled with big fears like will he be successful and little ones like "I have to brush his teeth for a minimum of 3 years until he can do it himself".

These next ones are from my darling Husband;

     13. Be creative, find different ways to solve problems. If your child agrees to be fed one night and the next day refuses, don't force the feeding try giving him/her a baby spoon or fork and let them try to feed themselves as you die inside watching the mess being made. 

     14. Remain calm, it is the best way to try and read/understand a being(child) that is not able to communicate with words.

     15. Work with your partner to do what is best for the baby, it is not one persons job. You each need to step in to find solutions to problems, chart the babies path. 

Everyday seems to bring about new lessons for the boy and myself 

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