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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

"Wow, You make motherhood look so easy". That is a statement I hear all the time from my Instagram page.

It seems that early Motherhood should always be presented as a very difficult journey with a deranged looking like woman whose hair is matted, swollen boobs hanging out, slightly smells of milk as well as Body Odour and is completely devoted to keeping a little human alive and well.

It is fair enough and true that motherhood is difficult but it is also one of the most rewarding thing a woman can do ( shoutout to all mums). There are times you will be dressed to the nines and dressed your offspring in a matching outfit but there are also the sweatpants and "no shower for you maam" kinda days. You could try to present a "perfect mum aesthetic" on social media but there are some things that all mums can admit to have done at one time or another.

Below, I would like to share some of my motherhood fails or wins depending on how you see it;

- Almost opening the door of our flat to a delivery man with my denim shirt open and boob hanging out of my nursing bra and a huge milk stain forming from the other boob,

- Going to the toilet for a number 1 with baby strapped to me in a sling. I refuse to do a number 2 with my son in the same room as me,

- Sleeping with my boob hanging out coz I am too tired to clasp the bra back up when I know in a few hours little man will be demanding his dues

- Cuddles with the husband and leaving a puddle of milk on his chest ( well they do say breastmilk is good for skin)

Would love to hear about some of your mum fails (read wins). 

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