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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

It's hard when your wardrobe choices revolve around feeding a hungry baby, but when you are trying to work the yummy minimalist mummy aesthetic you make it work! I did not buy any maternity clothes for my entire pregnancy and in the same vein decided that I would also not buy nursing clothes (apart from nursing bras, which are essential). 

When choosing a nursing outfit: you have to be able to reveal the boob rather quickly coz hungry babies do NOT mess about, should be comfortable and if you have overactive mammary glands like myself should be in a colour that does not reveal wet patches ( leaky boobies)

I wanted to share three nursing outfits with one pair of jeans ( highwaisted of course, to hug the mum tum)

Kimono ( Tailor in Nairobi), Bodysuit ( Vivo), Jeans ( Stradivarius), Mules ( Forever 21)

Kimonos are great for nursing mums coz you can just pop the baby under the kimono and go about your feeding with no problem! I love pairing them with bodysuits and strappy tops. 

T-shirt ( Forever 21), Flats ( Vincci)

This is my go to outfit. I bet you are wondering, how you would be able to nurse with a t-shirt on without exposing flesh to the world. Well I found a super trick! Wear a t-shirt and a strappy top underneath, to nurse you lift the t-shirt up and pull the strappy top down and release the mammarys ready for bebes consumption! 

Shirt Dress (Siri Studio), Strappy Top ( Forever21), Sandals ( Sandal Souq)

Another of my faves is wearing a shirt dress over a strappy top and jeans.

*Working on finding the best spot to force the husband to take pictures in the flat 

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