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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I haven't really shared my pregnancy journey on this little space but if you follow me on Instagram, you have glimpsed into it from about week 27. I was blessed with a relatively easy pregnancy and wanted to share my equally straightforward but slightly dramatic birth story. 

Everyone told me that first babies come after their due date and I was pretty much expecting the same. Let's talk about due dates for a minute, they are not exact dates and my due date via ultrasound had been predicted as between 24th June and 4th of July ( haha which is today). This made planning for anything rather difficult, including when my Mum would come into Abu Dhabi.
I had told myself however that this baby would come in June come what may and was quietly putting this intention into the universe. Thank you Universe 

Onto the story though! I had my 38 week 5 day appointment on Thursday 15th June and my doctor had warned me that she would do a vaginal examination to check my if my cervix was ripe/soft and if it had dilated at all. So Le Hubs and I arrive at the hospital, my weight is checked (82.5kgs) Eeek and off we go to the consultation. After a brief chat with the doctor, she gets on with the business of the examination which included shoving her hand up my Vag. What she didn't mention however was that she was going to do a membrane sweep which sounds rather innocent but involved her running her fingers into my cervix and using it to separate the bag of water from the side of the uterus. I was trying to maintain a calm disposition but that ish was soooooo painful, the doctor saying sorry every 10 seconds didn't help either. After the sweep, I was hooked up to a CTG machine which monitors the baby's  and my heartbeat whilst also checking for any contractions. This took about 30 mins and we sat in a room marveling at the baby's heartbeat which was 140 beats per minute. Contractions had not begun and we went back home to enjoy the weekend and keep waiting for 24th June and beyond or so we thought. 

Le hubs and I got home and ordered some takeaway ( beef barbecue,  mac and cheese, chicken wings and creamed spinach), I also had a cheeky wine to relax. At around 8pm, I started getting some crampy pains which were coming every few minutes. I smiled, ate  and didn't think anything of it. By 10 pm, they were still coming on and off  and Hubs started getting concerned. Since I didn't know what contractions would feel like, I just told him " Babe, they are just cramps.....the sweep couldn't have worked that fast". He then insisted we call the doctor and confirm. A quick phone call and the doctor said it was probably just cramps and pressure and suggested that we both try get some sleep. All this time, hubs had been dealing with a work emergency and was on the phone and laptop trying to deal with it. At 11.30ish, we went to bed and tried to sleep, operative work Tried! After 30 mins of tossing and turning, I left bed after telling hubs to sleep and went to the living room to try watch Netflix and hopefully pass out on the sofa. All this time, I was having cramps lasting 30 seconds every 4-5 mins and still didn't think it was labour. I stayed up till 5 am and then went to wake sleeping husband and told him that there was no way I could continue with the pain and to grab pajamas, toothbrush and paste and the prepacked hospital bag, We were going to hospital!! I didn't even brush my teeth or wash my face, all I was thinking was lets get to hospital and sort these cramps out. We get into the taxi and sit praying that my water doesn't break in the cab and ruin the cab guys seats like we see in Hollywood. Again, Guys.. I was still disillusioned that I was not yet in labour. Talk about naive! 10-14 mins later we are in the hospital and I am waddling/shuffling into a ward to get assessed. I get into a small ward with two beds which my husband is not allowed into and they hook me up to the CTG machine which shows that my labour has already begun. The nurse smiles at me and says "You have a high tolerance for pain". You cramps had been contractions all along and I had been in labour for about 9 hours. I Whatsapp hubs and tell him that he was right, they were contractions.
 My doctor was called and she ordered that I be taken to the labour room where I could labour  before it was Pop-Out baby time. The room was super and had a lovely view from the 11th floor, we played South African House Music as I bounced and danced on a yoga ball to deal with the contractions. I got to 3cms dilated by about 10am with the yoga ball. The doctor then suggested that I should get some pain relief called Pethidine which would ease the contractions and help me nap since I had not slept for about 12 hours by this time. I gladly took it and napped for about 2 hours. 

At 1pm, the contractions were now horrible around a 7-8 out of 10 and coming strong and frequent. I got some laughing gas to ease the pain and Hubs was being amazing by encouraging me to breathe through the contractions. Surprisingly I was super calm during the entire labour! I handled the contractions till 3pm when I couldn't handle the pain anymore because my labour was progressing too quickly which made the contractions the most hellish pain I had ever experienced. My darling husband and I had agreed that the epidural was the absolute last resort and we would only have it if I couldn't handle the pain at all. I had wanted to have a relatively medication free birth, but that soon went out the window.
At 3 O clock we got the epidural which was super easy and despite having it, I was still able to feel my legs and the contractions now just felt like pressure in my uterus.  The midwife on duty did a cervix check at 3.20 pm and told me that I was about 7cm dilated and would probably get to 10 in 2-3 hours. 

My body had other plans and just chuckled at her as15 mins later, the midwives all ran into the delivery room with worried faces. They has been monitoring my CTG machine from the nurses station and noticed that the babies heartbeat had dropped and was continuing to drop. At this moment, I was just staring at Le Hubs and trying not to burst into tears and think of the worst. 
Even typing this out, made me tear up a little.
The midwife then checked me and said it was Go Time, she started to massage his head and his heartbeat rose again. With two midwives and two nurses, they spent the next 8 mins encouraging me to push when I felt a contraction, I channeled all my energy and less than 15 pushes later out he came albeit with the umbilical cord round his neck.

(My labour progressed so fast that my doctor missed the birth, she did however stitch me up because I had a second degree perineal tear)
At 3.59 pm Friday 16th June, my world completely changed and I got to hold the most beautiful boy in my arms and fall deeper in love with my husband and our new baby.  To be entirely honest, when they placed him on me, hubs says I had the most confused face ever and looked like I was thinking
 "What do I do with him now?". For the first 15-20 mins, I did not feel anything and just stared at him but after we had some time to ourselves, I looked down on Theodore Wachira Schofield and over at his Daddy and realised that both of our hearts were now contained in this little guys body.

So that's how I went from 0 to having my own little human in less than 24 hours. Would love to hear your birth stories!


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