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Monday, August 8, 2016

I love having a blog mainly because it's a space that I can share products and technique that work for me with all of you guys who I consider my gal pals! I want to keep it that way and share some products that I have been using and lovely and make up my July favourites.
First off, since getting on the third floor I am obsessed with my skin. I thank all the gods, my fairy godmother and most importantly my real mother because my skin is generally quite well behaved. I only have breakouts when Aunt Flo is around, but most of the time I am sailing on cloud clear skin. 


I had to give up my beloved retin-a due to some personal issues so I went in search of a similar product to help me clear my pores and dead skin. All my internet skincare sisters aka Reddit recommended Glycolic Acid especially in its most potent form. 
I managed to get these Glycolic Fix Pads from Goodlife Pharmacy and the Serum from the UK ( you can probably get it from Goodlife as well). Glycolic acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid which basically releases and dissolves dead skin cells leaving glowy skin behind and increasing cell turnover. 

The Radha Beauty Vitamin C Serum I got from Camene Beauty. Vitamin C is the ultimate product for brightening skin and I had to get on that bright skin bandwagon.

I have been using these products at night after washing my face with SheabyAsal's shea butter soap, I rub the glycolic pad over my face and neck then apply the Vitamin C serum and glycolic serum. So far so good, my skin is definitely brighter and glowier. 


I am still in love with the best leave in (hands down) the Profective MegaGrowth Leave in, it has such amazing slip and moisture. I have been using so many oils and had ignored Shea Butter, recently fallen back in love with Shea. 
I got this Dove Intensive Repair conditioner for Kshs 250 at Chandarana and I love it. 
These three products are curently on rotation come wash day.

It is well established that I am a shameless lipstick addict, I got these two Kleancolor beauties for Kshs 500 each from @accessories__trend on Instagram. 
The one at the top is Winterberry a greyish mauve and the bottom is Hippy which is a rusty red colour. 

Happy Tuesday!

What are your current July favourites? Would love to hear more in the comments. 

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