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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What do you do when you need to do a quick hair style that is pretty enough because you are a Bridesmaid at an important wedding and you only have 24hrs to sort it out? You log on to YouTube for inspiration and get a super easy style that takes literally 5 mins to do. This is literally what I did, two weekends ago. I watched a few goddess braid youtube tutorials and got to work!
Goddess or Halo Braids are reminiscent of Greek Goddesses in their Togas and are a fantastic style for when you are feeling like queening!
I posted this pic on Instagram and got so much love and requests for a tutorial, so here you go!

To start off you need the following;
Long Kanekalon Hair/Xpressions Braids in your preferred colour
Styling Gel
Hair pins
Parting comb

Get started by parting your hair in the middle, apply your gel and brush it down into a ponytail at the base of your head. 
I used a mix of Aloe Vera gel and Marini styling gel to lay down my edges and hair. I then tied down a scarf for about 20 mins to ensure everything was LAID!!
Tip: Aloe Vera gel is great for laying down edges and also encouraging growth to struggling edges

 I then took half of the pack of Kanekalon hair , combed it a little and braided it loosely to make it look a bit more natural or as natural as can be.

I then attached a rubber band to the braid and used it to wrap the braid around my ponytail.

After that I just wrapped the braid around my head and pinned along the braid to secure it on my head. 

Depending on how long the braid is you can wrap it twice and keep pinning. 
All done!

Hope you guys enjoyed the quick tutorial! Happy Wednesday. 

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