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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The #kurlykichanagrowthchallenge is still on and we are now on the home stretch. I have been protective styling with crochet braidsbeyonce inspired cornrows and the occasional bun and puff. So far so good and my hair is retaining some length as for my edges, they are slowly growing in. 
One protective style that I have never worn is a wig, when I think of wigs I think plasticky looking hair!Had you dared me to wear a wig I would probably have run for miles. I have since changed my mind, especially since following Gina aka NaturalBelle aka The Wig Witch who slays wigs like no one else. She has been wearing wigs for a while as she nurtured some hair loss issues. 
I was looking to get a wig and went straight to Blush Hair & Beauty who sell a variety of hair pieces, wigs and weaves. I used the Super Reggae braids from them for the last bomb crochet braids I had. 
After looking and trying on a few wigs, I settled for the curly Sensationnel Sage Wig in the colour F1B/30 which is black with brown/gold highlights.

 It is a U-part wig which you can part on the side or in the middle and is made of synthetic hair that is so so so soft. You can also use heat on it if you need to.
Can you tell I like it?
The wig has a comb at the front and two combs at the back and also has adjustable strap that give you that extra piece of mind that the wig will not fall off :-)

I wore the wig after pinning my hair down and wearing a wig cap that I bought from Super Cosmetics. 
After I wore it for a while, I felt that the hair was too big for my face and needed some shaping. I spent some time on YouTube watching some wig cutting videos and settled on the video below to guide my cutting. 

I followed her instructions exactly but got a bit over eager and snipped a lot more than I should on the right side, I panicked but managed to sort it out. 

I gave the wig a fringe that suits my face better. 

All  I need now are a flared jumpsuit, platform heels and I can channel my inner Diana Ross. I am loving this hair ladies, as you can tell from my recent instagram post

Tip: Always shape your wig if you are not happy with how it looks straight out of the box. 
You can get this wig for Kshs 4000 from Blush Hair & Beauty who are on 1st Floor, Apic Centre in Westlands. They also have Lace Wigs, Weaving Hair, Braiding Hair including Marley Hair and wig caps. 

We are having a giveaway where you can win a voucher for Kshs 4000 to buy a wig from Blush Hair and Beauty. The details are on the Kurly Kichana and Blush Hair and Beauty Instagram and Facebook Pages. 

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