On: Instagram and the illusion of perfect

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I am standing on a stool in my bedroom by the nook right next to the window that has the best light. I have my succulents at the ready, if not I will go outside and grab a fern leaf or an "instagram worthy" leaf. I then arrange all my products and make sure that my flat lay is popping. I take a bazillion pics and then edit it on VSCO or Afterlight to make sure the whites are white enough and the colours are bright and pretty.

In another instance, I am taking a selfie to capture my new hair, the new lipstick I got, my glowy makeup and trying to make sure Le hubs does not appear in the photo. I take another bazillion pics and edit one after another. I edit out the darkish neck, the period spot on my chin, the hyper-pigmentation damn even the glare from my glasses. I then post it on Instagram and deep down inside I want it to get more likes than the last selfie I put up.

No one sees the messy clothes chair ( you know, you all have that chair that you drape all your clothes on), the unmade bed, the face without foundation and the hair looking a hawt mess. This is all cropped, filtered and edited away. It's nice that I want to show you pretty pictures but its an internal struggle I have knowing that I have to be "instagram worthy" . Luckily for me as a hair blogger, the focus is on my hair and not my body, waist and makeup. If it was, I would be on to the next detox tea, waist trainer, MAC makeup counter and would have a personal trainer on call. Even so, that does not mean that I do not feel a bit intimidated/insecure by what I see in my feed. Going through Instagram feeds, it takes a lot to not feel the green eyed monster creeping over you. It is so hard not to wish you looked like that "Instagram Baddie" (yes apparently this is a term), wish you could go on holidays in Morocco, Paris. Santorini and have a Vogue-worthy wardrobe. 

Instagram feeds have images of perfection that we are so used to seeing and thinking they are normal and can make even the most confident person feel a bit insecure. Trust me, I love going through my feed and seeing beautiful pictures, this post was mainly to highlight a struggle that I have. 

What do you guys think of instagram? Do any of you feel a tad bit insecure ( although I know you are all super-confident)?

Would be lovely to hear your thoughts in the comments.

lucie said...

Somebody did talk about it. Lately I've seen IG as a place where confidence is killed for people who are (weak hearted) read human. I personally don't feel like I need to do so much for my pics. I take a pic and think its beautiful, it's going up. But it's true sometimes you see some things and feel like you are not all that. But then again, that's you,you're not the other famous person who does not follow back nor respond to comments. I've seen people delete all their pics and start afresh once they think their struggle has made it. I've seen others unfollow :(. The struggle to look cool is real.

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