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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

When I started my natural hair journey in 2009, I thought I would have this huge bodacious fro that would have a life of its own and maybe even have a solid name like Nina or Janet. My dreams were shattered when I realised I had fine hair. This meant that my hair was built more like a Victoria's secret model than a thick thighed lady who loves Crossfit. 

I have fine hair with dense thin strands, I have many follicles on my head but they are all quite thin. You can check out this post where I had mini twists in and it was more scalp than twists. I have learnt to love my thin hair and wanted to share 5 tips for working with fine natural hair. 

 1. Henna is Godsent!
Mary and I are stans for henna, we love the stuff! We have consistently used the same recipe and always try to do a henna treatment before a major protective style. 
For fine haired naturals, henna works a treat as it not only thickens your hair by attaching to your hair cuticle it also relaxes the curl pattern by making your strands heavier and this increased weight makes your curls loosen. You can go back to this post to read more. 
I purchase in bulk at Diamond Plaza and for about Kshs 100 a pack, its a steal. Also your hair will shiiiiiiiine! 

2. Protein treatments once or twice a month are a must!
You know when you detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb and can sometimes hear your strands going snap!snap! Well this is a constant nightmare for fine haired naturals, as its more likely to happen coz our strands are so fine. To prevent this, protein deep conditioning treatments are your friends. You can buy various Hair Mayonnaise brands such as the one in the pic above or simply grab your mayonnaise from the fridge and apply to your hair. 
Protein = Strong Strands

 3. Oil your scalp
This is an order! Oiling your scalp and reveling in a quick 5 min head/scalp massage will not only leave you relaxed but has the potential to thicken your strands. 
In the spirit of openness lols, I had a mishap with over protective styling and had two patches on the side of my head that were snatched by crochet braids. Since starting to use my Black Castor Oil on my scalp everyday ( read, when I remember) my edges look a million times better. You can get Black castor oil from AfroliciousKe who were featured here. 

4. Your fingers were made for detangling
Apart from making me feel uber glam, being on acrylic crack has an added advantage of being the best hair tool.  I use my long nails for detangling my hair and it makes the job super easy. Finger detangling for fine haired naturals helps you retain length and reduce a lot of breakage. 

 5. Bobby pins are lifesavers
When your twist out turns our more Medusa and less Chaka Khan grab some bobby pins and pull off an amazing updo, that is if you can find one. Bobby pins love hiding! I recently bought a pack and have a special jar to hold them, lets hope this works. 

What tips do you fine haired naturals have?Share in the a fine haired sista out!

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