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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Self-care is time dedicated to taking care of yourself; mind, body and spirit. We normally partake in self-care every weekend and this can be time spent doing a face mask, body scrub, catching up on Game of Thrones, giving yourself a spa day, going to church or doing some yoga. 

Doing these things can help you de-stress whilst helping you re-focus which is super important for us millenials....Amirite? 

One of our fave self-care recipes is the Brown Sugar Body Scrub. This scrub is super simple to make with ingredients that you probably have at home. All you will need is;

1 cup brown sugar/normal sugar
5 tablespoons of oils of your choice e.g. Avocado, Olive, Coconut, Jojoba 
5- 1- drops of your essential oil for fragrance 
Airtight jar

I find brown sugar has huge sugar grains that do not work as well as plain sugar. The sugar is the abrasive ingredient that helps mechanically exfoliate your skin. 

I used cold-pressed Jojoba and Avocado oils from Zanzi's naturals, these oils feed your skin and help keep it smooth and nourished. 
Diane from Zanzi's Naturals sources organic,virgin and cold-pressed oilscwhich are great for your skin and hair. 

I used lavender essential oil as it smells really nice and has a nice calming effect which enhances self-care. 

Just mix everything together and enjoy your baby-soft skin. 

Do you guys have any self-care recipes? Would love to hear them in the comments. 

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