Product Review | Shea Moisture Yucca & Plantain Anti-Breakage Strengthening Masque

Thursday, April 28, 2016

We are big supporters of local hair brands as you may have read in our previous posts, however you know how you find yourself watching an endless amount of YouTube videos and all the ladies are using one product line. It only leads to FOMO! 
That was me and SheaMoisture, I have always wanted to use the holy grail of natural hair product lines and was over the moon to find them at Goodlife Pharmacy
As part of the #kurlykichanagrowthchallenge I have been in protective styles i.e. these fabulous Mambo twists and was worried about potential breakage especially since I have been lazy and not moisturised often enough. 

Product Claims 
This intensive treatment deeply penetrates to condition and smooth frazzled strands with a nutrient rich fortifying formula. Transforms frizzy hair into sleek, healthy strands. Helps bind split ends and improved the overall appearance of hair . 
The product has Baobab Oil which is super for skin and hair and Cilantro (read Dhania for Kenyans) extract. It has a pleasant smell which is not overpowering. The consistency won me over, this masque is so thick you only need a few palmfuls to cover every strand on your head. 

How I used it?
I took out my Mambo twists by cutting them close to the root and basically just pulled out the crocheted braiding hair from the cornrows. 
I undid my cornrows and applied coconut oil to the section of hair after taking out each cornrow. I do this to make detangling easier. Once my hair is saturated with coconut oil, the tangles just melt away. 

Here is my hair after soaking my hair in coconut oil for 45 mins! Pass no judgement for doing my wash day in tinted moisturiser and red lippie! Gotta look good for washday. 

I then shampooed with my holy grail SheabyAsal Shampoo Bar. I normally rub the bar onto my scalp and massage my scalp with the tips of my fingers, the bubbles are my little tangle melters. The formulation of this bar is bomb, it makes finger detangling a breeze. 

After rinsing, I dried my hair in a kikoy which work just as well as an ordinary t-shirt. 

I then made sure my hair was about 80% dry and applied the masque in small sections all over my head to make sure each strand was covered. 

At this juncture, I used a plastic paper bag and covered my head and then rocked a headwrap as I tried to kill 45 mins positioning my camera in the right spot and adjusting the settings as it was getting dark. 

Diras and Headwraps for the win!

After 45 mins, I rinsed my hair and quickly detangled with my Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush hot dang was my hair soft but strong.Is that an oxymoron? 
This masque made my hair feel sooo soft but also my fine strands felt that little bit more tough! If you have fine hair, this product is great for not weighing down your hair whilst still strengthening your strands. I absolutely love it. 

 Freshly washed hair, gotta love shrinkage

I am really loving this masque and it works a treat for fine natural hair, it is definitely joining my holy grail products.

You can find the entire Shea Moisture at Goodlife Pharmacies at Westgate and Junction. 

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