Rio Sonicleanse Facial Cleansing Brush - A review

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Facial cleansing brushes are all the rage now with claims that they give you a better cleanse than just using your hands. If you are not new to the blog, we blogged about the Poor Man's Clarisonic three years ago which we both absolutely loved. 
Most recently, I (Nyash) have been bombarded with messages requesting for a review of the electronic facial cleansing brush I have been using and sharing photos of on Instagram

I have been using the Rio Sonicleanse Brush  for about 7 months now. I bought it off Amazon UK for about Kshs 6000. It came with two soft brushes that are gentle yet exfoliating and a charger.The brushes last about 3 months if used daily but I only use my brush 2-3 times a week and my 1st brush seems to still be hanging in there. The brush is waterproof so you can use it in the shower but it is not water-resistant so you should not submerge in water e.g. in the sink.  Do not drop it in the bath y'all!

To use the brush, I normally wet the bristles with water and then rub them on my SheabyAsal Shea Butter and Turmeric Soap until a lather forms. I then turn the brush on and move it all around my face and neck.

 The brush has two speeds with one being slightly pulsier than the other. I use the slower speed. It also beeps after 20 seconds to alert you to move to another part of your face. This is to prevent you from brushing your face raw if you are as enthusiastic as I am, it also goes off after 60 secs.

What difference does using a facial cleansing brush make, you ask? Well for me I have loved the brush because;
- It leaves my face completely clean and deep cleanses my pores
- I do not need a separate exfoliator as it does a fantastic job of getting rid of those pesky dead skin cells
- It enhances the absorption of my moisturisers both cream and oil. 

You can see my current full skincare routine here

I hate giving you guys recommendations of products that are difficult to find! Hence you can use UKDukas to order the brush off AmazonUK. They come recommended from a number of people and bloggers including Joy Kendi 
Are you ladies using facial cleansing brushes, which one? Also does anyone of you know where you can get facial cleansing brushes in Kenya? Leave the details in the comments please. 

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