Mambo Twist (insert Mambo No.5 joke here)

Monday, March 21, 2016

I saw these twists by @mynaturalsistas and was ready to blow my shillings to get them, I did a quick instagram search and found @hairbymakanye  who was able to do them for me and also buy the hair. She makes house calls ladies. I got my hair done in my living room :-), she cornrowed my hair back then crocheted the twisted pieces on. It took about an hour and a half. 

I got the hair done before I went on a lovely holiday to South Africa and these pictures were taken 4 weeks in. 

What hair is this you ask? It is Mambo Twists by Sistar who are a local company manufacturing a number of synthetic hair products.  The hair comes already twisted and included about 24 pieces per pack, I used 3.5 packs on my head which made them quite full. I was incapable of wearing the hair any other way than down on my shoulders!

The hair does unravel as you can see on the right, but you can put some black rubber bands  on the ends to make sure it stays intact. 

I have been able to wash my hair using the SheabyAsal Shampoo bar as well as the Marini Naturals Sulphate-Free shampoo. To maintain the hair, I have been sleeping with a satin scarf and make sure to moisturise with my aloe vera juice, water and conditioner mix every two days and oiling my scalp with my AfroliciousKe Black Castor Oil or my homemade growth oil.

After 4 weeks of having the twists, I was inspired to try something different and decided to unravel them. Bomb decision ladies, I love the hair even more now. It looks like a bomb twistout on thick hair that I will never have, 

I hope to have these in for another two weeks and then I will do an update on the #kurlykichanagrowth challenge.

What protective styles do you ladies have on? Do share in the comments. 

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