Five things I've learnt since turning 30

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It may have only been five  months since I turned the big "30" but in that time I feel I have learnt so much.

Self-love and appreciation escalate like fireworks on New Year's Eve!
Something about being older makes your more comfortable in  your skin. Those stretchmarks you thought were ugly become something to be proud of, those thick thighs that you used to run 20k a week to get rid of become your best friends. 
Age also ignites a need to take care of your body and guys have seen my self-care Saturday posts on our Instagram

Your people/ squad are extremely important
You know when you were in high school and had a tonne of friends, well as you grow older these friends dwindle down to between 3-6 lasting friendships.  These lasting friendships are mainly people who think like you and are always down for a midnight Whatsapp session and will not hesitate to call you out for doing something stupid. 

It is impossible to please everyone
I have always been extremely anxious about disappointing people and was that "always says yes" girl,but now in my 30th year I have realised that I cannot please everyone and I am now not afraid to sometimes say no.

Clearly my newly discovered photography hobby needs work, teehee

Being kind to people is always right
It will make you happier and mean the most to the person you are kind to. I am that one person who say's hello to watchmen, thanks to matatu drivers and I am always chirpy to my kiosk guy! Taking that moment to be kind to someone else could make someone's day and lift their spirit. 

Finding your passion
At 30, you are finally making headway in your career and doing things that you love, if you have not taking some time out to discover your passion can be so uplifting. It may be as simple as picking up a hobby,changing jobs or starting a side-hustle. 

What have you guys learnt since celebrating a milestone birthday? Would love to hear them- share your thoughts in the comments. 

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