Five things I've learnt since turning 30

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It may have only been five  months since I turned the big "30" but in that time I feel I have learnt so much.

Self-love and appreciation escalate like fireworks on New Year's Eve!
Something about being older makes your more comfortable in  your skin. Those stretchmarks you thought were ugly become something to be proud of, those thick thighs that you used to run 20k a week to get rid of become your best friends. 
Age also ignites a need to take care of your body and guys have seen my self-care Saturday posts on our Instagram

Your people/ squad are extremely important
You know when you were in high school and had a tonne of friends, well as you grow older these friends dwindle down to between 3-6 lasting friendships.  These lasting friendships are mainly people who think like you and are always down for a midnight Whatsapp session and will not hesitate to call you out for doing something stupid. 

It is impossible to please everyone
I have always been extremely anxious about disappointing people and was that "always says yes" girl,but now in my 30th year I have realised that I cannot please everyone and I am now not afraid to sometimes say no.

Clearly my newly discovered photography hobby needs work, teehee

Being kind to people is always right
It will make you happier and mean the most to the person you are kind to. I am that one person who say's hello to watchmen, thanks to matatu drivers and I am always chirpy to my kiosk guy! Taking that moment to be kind to someone else could make someone's day and lift their spirit. 

Finding your passion
At 30, you are finally making headway in your career and doing things that you love, if you have not taking some time out to discover your passion can be so uplifting. It may be as simple as picking up a hobby,changing jobs or starting a side-hustle. 

What have you guys learnt since celebrating a milestone birthday? Would love to hear them- share your thoughts in the comments. 

Rio Sonicleanse Facial Cleansing Brush - A review

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Facial cleansing brushes are all the rage now with claims that they give you a better cleanse than just using your hands. If you are not new to the blog, we blogged about the Poor Man's Clarisonic three years ago which we both absolutely loved. 
Most recently, I (Nyash) have been bombarded with messages requesting for a review of the electronic facial cleansing brush I have been using and sharing photos of on Instagram

I have been using the Rio Sonicleanse Brush  for about 7 months now. I bought it off Amazon UK for about Kshs 6000. It came with two soft brushes that are gentle yet exfoliating and a charger.The brushes last about 3 months if used daily but I only use my brush 2-3 times a week and my 1st brush seems to still be hanging in there. The brush is waterproof so you can use it in the shower but it is not water-resistant so you should not submerge in water e.g. in the sink.  Do not drop it in the bath y'all!

To use the brush, I normally wet the bristles with water and then rub them on my SheabyAsal Shea Butter and Turmeric Soap until a lather forms. I then turn the brush on and move it all around my face and neck.

 The brush has two speeds with one being slightly pulsier than the other. I use the slower speed. It also beeps after 20 seconds to alert you to move to another part of your face. This is to prevent you from brushing your face raw if you are as enthusiastic as I am, it also goes off after 60 secs.

What difference does using a facial cleansing brush make, you ask? Well for me I have loved the brush because;
- It leaves my face completely clean and deep cleanses my pores
- I do not need a separate exfoliator as it does a fantastic job of getting rid of those pesky dead skin cells
- It enhances the absorption of my moisturisers both cream and oil. 

You can see my current full skincare routine here

I hate giving you guys recommendations of products that are difficult to find! Hence you can use UKDukas to order the brush off AmazonUK. They come recommended from a number of people and bloggers including Joy Kendi 
Are you ladies using facial cleansing brushes, which one? Also does anyone of you know where you can get facial cleansing brushes in Kenya? Leave the details in the comments please. 

Mambo Twist (insert Mambo No.5 joke here)

Monday, March 21, 2016

I saw these twists by @mynaturalsistas and was ready to blow my shillings to get them, I did a quick instagram search and found @hairbymakanye  who was able to do them for me and also buy the hair. She makes house calls ladies. I got my hair done in my living room :-), she cornrowed my hair back then crocheted the twisted pieces on. It took about an hour and a half. 

I got the hair done before I went on a lovely holiday to South Africa and these pictures were taken 4 weeks in. 

What hair is this you ask? It is Mambo Twists by Sistar who are a local company manufacturing a number of synthetic hair products.  The hair comes already twisted and included about 24 pieces per pack, I used 3.5 packs on my head which made them quite full. I was incapable of wearing the hair any other way than down on my shoulders!

The hair does unravel as you can see on the right, but you can put some black rubber bands  on the ends to make sure it stays intact. 

I have been able to wash my hair using the SheabyAsal Shampoo bar as well as the Marini Naturals Sulphate-Free shampoo. To maintain the hair, I have been sleeping with a satin scarf and make sure to moisturise with my aloe vera juice, water and conditioner mix every two days and oiling my scalp with my AfroliciousKe Black Castor Oil or my homemade growth oil.

After 4 weeks of having the twists, I was inspired to try something different and decided to unravel them. Bomb decision ladies, I love the hair even more now. It looks like a bomb twistout on thick hair that I will never have, 

I hope to have these in for another two weeks and then I will do an update on the #kurlykichanagrowth challenge.

What protective styles do you ladies have on? Do share in the comments. 

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

There is nothing that changes your outlook on life more than travel. I am lucky to have a husband who love travelling and has encouraged us to travel as a couple. We try to do one regional and one international trip a year and have a savings account specifically dedicated to seeing the world. 
I am also lucky that my job takes me to some really cool places, which means I can sneak a weekend into a work trip to see some sites.

Travelling allows you to be immersed in a different culture, scenery and gives you an awareness that you indeed only make up a littu part of the world. 

Travelling can be as cheap or as expensive as you want and there are a few tips that can make your trip that much easier, here are 5 that work for me;

Villa in Msambweni  
1. Don't close off regional or local destinations.
Most Africans think that travelling in-country or within the region does not count. At the moment you can get a flight to Rwanda or Ethiopia for about $250 and once you get there hotels range anything from $40-100 per night.  
My next trip is definitely Addis Ababa, really looking forward to eating all the Injera!

Our Airbnb flat overlooking Table Mountain in Cape Town
2. Make use of technology 
Apps such Hopper and AirBnB are great for planning your trip. Hopper helps you book the cheapest flight and shows you the cheapest time to fly and Airbnb allows you to book homes and apartments for super cheap. 

Train journey along Cape Town Coast
3. Do some research on your destination
Once you know where your going, spend some time on the internet getting some information on the top 10 things to do at your destination. Just recently I was able to get a 30 rand/ Kshs 180 ticket on a train along the Cape Town coast, this was tip I got from a quick google search and was rewarded with the most stunning view of the South African coastline. 
On the most beautiful beach in Thailand
4. Save up for travel
Most African parents see travel as unnecessary expenditure or as frivolous which has made us reluctant to travel. However setting aside a few pennies every month will help you set up a traveling fund which can be used once or twice a year.
Also for you ladies who may be interested in travel, Wendy Watta of Afrowatta has group on Facebook called Divas on Wanderlust that organises group travel for super cheap. 

Jumba Ruins in Mtwapa 
5. Take photos

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