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Friday, February 12, 2016

 Following up on last week's post on Afroliciouske, we are continuing with spotlighting local entrepreneurs and this weeks it's SheabyAsal. You know when you meet someone and get on like a house on fire....that was myself (Nyachomba) and Lucy the owner of SheabyAsal. She is absolutely lovely and has such yummy goodies for all you natural haired ladies. Just a disclaimer, she did not pay us to say all of this :-)

Lucy and her sister Sue and yes that is also Lucy on the poster! Hair and beauty goals!!

Lucy started SheabyAsal a few years ago by sourcing Sheabutter from South Sudan and making whipped butters and shea butter based soaps. When it became difficult to get the shea from the country, she got a local South Sudanese woman, the beautiful Aziza to help her with soap making and whipping butter whilst still sourcing shea from local women. 

This story won me over about supporting local!

Aziza has been working with Lucy to make all the soap, whipped shea butter and has since begun making oils e.g avocado and baobab oil. She also support the SheabyAsal pop up shop at Prestige Plaza every Friday and Saturday. 

Lets talk about the products they make;

The SheabyAsal soaps are all natural and made the old fashioned way with lye and oil. They smell so yummy and some have coffee, sage, turmeric and lemongrass. The plain shea butter soap is amazing for sensitive skin and works well even on babies. I have been using the Shea and lemon grass soap for my body and the turmeric soap for my face. 

The star of the show amongst most natural haired ladies is the Shampoo Bar which I have raved about here and on instagram. The bar is heaven sent and cleanses your hair without leaving it stripped, also it lasts an age! Also the bars have bentonite clay and beer which nourishes your hair strands.Don't sleep ladies....go out and get the bar, Ksh 350.

All the soaps are cured for over a week to ensure they dry adequately which means your bar will last quite a long time and will not get soggy.

Drying shampoo bars and soaps.

Scented and Whipped Shea Butter for body and hair. 
Okay have you guys ever smelled something and got ready to grab a spoon and dig in, this happened to me when I smelled the scented shea butter, she has pumpkin pie butter. Yum! She also makes a butter with coffee that can be used as a scrub.  
The haitian black castor oil shea butter is also great for edges and for thickening your hair. 

Hair stimulator
This is a mixed oil with lavender, peppermint amongst other oils which can be used on edges for growth as well as moisturing your scalp. Smells super. 

Lucy has also changed her packaging and labels, her new jars will look amazing in your beauty cabinet. You can get her products from Prestige Plaza on Fridays and Saturdays or get in touch with them via Facebook and Instagram;

Have you guys tried their products? Thoughts? 

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