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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Who thought you would be able to use clay to cleanse your hair but also give you some super stretched curl definition? Well apparently we are late to the game because a lot of you guys and other bloggers have been using Bentonite Clay for hair and having fab results!

Bentonite clay is a made up of Montmorillonite and is a healing clay that swells up when mixed with water and is capable of  removing toxins. In Kenya, it is used by the Turkana for healing wounds and for brushing teeth. It works well for hair and ladies who have used it say that it hydrates,moisturises,
de-frizzes and encourages curl clumping and shine.

I got my Bentonite Clay from the uber lovely Lucy of SheabyAsal for Kshs 300 per pack. I used almost 3/4 of a pack and mixed it with half a cup of water and half a cup of aloe vera juice. The clay soaks up a lot of the water and becomes a thick paste. I mixed the clay with a plastic spoon rather than metal. 

The final product should be a thick paste which when applied to hair can form a sort of hair mask without dripping all over the place.

I then applied the paste in sections all over my head after a quick co-wash till my hair was completely coated and let it dry for 30 mins. It feels kinda weird ladies, putting mud in your hair teehee. The weight of the hair elongates your curls and causes a lot of clumping.

After 30 mins, I rinsed my hair and had the most amazing shine and clumpiness! The clay rinses right off as it is quite fine, I did not even need to co-wash to get it all out. After rinsing, my curls did seem elongates and clumped together really well...also the shine ladies, THE SHINE!

Excuse the left over clay on my shoulders :-)

Have you guys used bentonite clay before? How are you guys fitting it into your regimens?

Happy Wednesday Folks!

KinkyKuki said...

I can't wait to try this myself... I hope it turns out well for me too :-)

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