How to get super moisturised hair

Thursday, February 4, 2016

We get a number of emails and questions asking " Why is my hair always dry?" or "How do you get your hair so curly or coily". To answer this simply in one word, MOISTURE! If your hair is moisturised, then it will definitely feel softer as well as have some form of coil or curl definition. 

Rule No. 6 of the Kurly Kichana Growth Challenge is "Moisturise your strands and seal your ends" and it in this vein that we shall be discussing how to actually get your hair moisturised. 

A large number of ladies think their hair moisturised when they use some kind of oil on their hair, which is not the case. Here are the three rules of keeping your hair moisturised;

1. Use water/aqua-based products to moisturise. Water is the ultimate moisturiser so using a moisturiser with water/aqua as the first ingredient will ensure your hair is moisturised.  We love using plain water mixed with Aloe Vera Juice or Rosewater as a simple but effective moisturiser. 

2. Always seal your moisture in with an oil or butter. To ensure that moisture does not escape from your hair, it is important to seal it in. Trap that moisture ladies! This is to make sure your hair retains moisture for as long as possible. We love using coconut oil and shea oil as well as whipped shea butter. 

3. Make sure your styling includes a water based product if you hair is particularly dry. We are currently loving the Marini Naturals and AfricanPride Shea Butter Miracle Buttery Creme and Bouncy Curl Pudding for twistouts and curlformer sets. These two products have water in them which gives you a delicious, juicy twistout teehee! Got the AfricanPride sachets from the Curltalk and haven't used them all up.

Finally, incorporate a moisturising deep conditioning treatment every week or every other week to lock in more moisture. 

Moisturised hair is happy hair! What moisturisers do you guys swear by? Any product recommendations?

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