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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

We love featuring naturals on the blog, See Aisha of MyfroandI, Patricia Kihoro and Irene. This time we bring you three amazing ladies who are doing big things in the hair and skincare world, Marion, Judith and Stellah. If you have been wondering where to get raw shea, mango butter, black castor oil then AfroliciousKE is your bet.

Read on for their story, 

1. We love what you guys are doing with AfroliciousKe. How did you guys start?

We started out when we went natural and back then (2013) there weren’t many local natural hair products. We were particularly interested in Shea butter, the miracle butter! We set out to get some for ourselves and got a bunch of great oils in the process. Some of our natural friends started asking us to get them some, and that’s how AfroliciousKe first got into business; for all the natural head and skin girls that were having trouble accessing natural oils and butters.

2. What motivates you guys?

Being a small business in this country is tough, but the thing that motivates us most is great reviews about our products and repeat customers. We are also motivated by just how much the local beauty industry and the natural hair movement has grown, and by how far we have grown as a company and individuals.

3. You guys are natural; could you please summarize your regimens?

We are three girls in Kenya with very different hair textures so we have very different regimens.

Marion Njeri

I co-wash every two weeks using Garnier Fructis (the yellow one). I’ve been trying out our *soon to be unveiled*liquid black soap and I love it so far. Squeaky clean hair without dryness. If my hair is feeling particularly dry, I do a hot oil treatment by melting Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Avocado and Jojoba oils before deep conditioning using ORS Replenishing Conditioner.
At night, I moisturise (with water+ a little Garnier mix), do big two strand twists using Shea butter or Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter then sleep under a satin bonnet.
For mornings, I undo the twists, spritz with the leave-in and seal with Avocado oil and style as desired.

Judith Nduta

Every two weeks, I co-wash with As I Am cleansing conditioner then deep condition with As I Am mixed with Shea butter.
In the morning, I wet hair under the shower, apply Sweet almond oil, massage Black castor oil to edges then seal with Shea butter.
At night, I spritz hair with water; braid into four braids or ‘matutas’ to keep it detangled then wrap a scarf before bed.

Stellah Wairimu

Every two weeks, I detangle hair after a pre-poo or hot oil treatment with a blend of oils; leave it overnight under a shower cap then do a co-wash and deep condition with my hair in sections. When I rinse off and pat with a T-Shirt, I seal in with the delicious mocha whipped butter.
For styling, Bantu knots are my favourites. I wet my hair with water+ aloe juice mix, and then twist with the whipped butter mixed with a little gel. I always take down with oily fingers to add shine.

4. We cannot talk Afrolicious without talking oils and butters, which are your favourites?

That’s a tough question to answer. We love our Mocha Butter and we all use it religiously on our skin. It smells heavenly, is a great sealant and is deeply moisturizing.
Marion loves Shea butter and Avocado oil.
Judy loves Shea butter and Black castor oil for literally every step of her regimen.
Stellah loves the Peppermint tingle elixir for both hair and scalp and also Black castor oil for edges and hair ends.

5. What tips can you give for using oils and butters on skin and hair?

Natural oils and butters are the cornerstone of every good natural hair regimen. Find your favourites and incorporate everywhere; in hot oil treatments, pre-poos, deep conditions and as sealants. Both your hair and skin will thank you for it.

We loved hearing from the three lovely ladies, also don't their regimens sound delish!They will also be at the Natural Beauty Bar!

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