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Thursday, January 28, 2016

We are on a roll guys...really excited to get back to blogging :-)

You ladies have been asking me on Instagram and Facebook about my skincare routine which I thought to share in this post. For the longest time I never thought I had great skin mainly due to my hyperpigmentation/dark marks as well as scarring from childhood fights with my little brother teehee. However I have received loads of compliments which of course make me feel rather smug since my routine is quite simple. 

Lets get to it, I use very few products in my routine,

Mild Soap: Dove or Pears 
Skincare Brush : Rio Sonicleanse Exfoliating Brush from here 
Toner/Facial Mist : Rosewater
Secret Weapon : Retin-A Cream
Moisturiser : Nivea Creme 
Sunscreen : Nivea Protect and Moisturise Sunscreen SPF 50
Oils : Shea Nut Oil or Coconut oil, Coconut oil for everything because it is LIFE!!!

Once a week, I use a facemask with either my new Bentonite Clay from SheabyAsal or Quasil Powder ( this is a Somali beauty secret and is a powder from the Quasil tree). I mix a teaspoon of either of these with honey and apply it to my face for 30 mins then rinse off. 

My nightime skincare routine is more intense than the morning. My morning routine consists of rinsing my face with plain water then getting on with sunscreen and makeup. I have numerous reasons why I do this but mainly because I have dry skin and I do not want to dry it further by using soap.

For my nighttime skincare, firstly I take of my makeup by massaging a small amount of coconut oil on my face and wiping it off with a wet flannel or cotton wool.

 I then wet my facial cleansing brush under the faucet and rub the brush on my soap to make a lather. I then press the start button and run the brush on my face and neck for 60 secs. The brush alerts you with a beep after every 20 secs. Using this brush has made my skin and pores so clear and make sure my skin is completely clean. I only use it max 3 times a week. 

After a thorough cleanse with my brush, I dry my skin and then wait about 20-30 mins before I apply my secret weapon against dark marks and fine lines.......RETIN-A. I have been using this cream for about 2 years and was introduced to it by Mary, to say it works is an understatement, see this article here for evidence; The thing about Retin-A, it works! . The main ingredient in the cream is Vitamin A which allows for increased cell turn over meaning that your skin is constantly regenerating. 

However please note, you have to use it on dry skin and only use a pea-sized amount because it can cause peeling and some slight burning. Also, if you use retin-a, SUNSCREEN IS A MUST!

I then finish off by moisturising either using Shea Nut Oil from Keyara Organics or my Nivea Moisturiser ( in a blue tin). Here is my cleansed and moisturised face. 

 I also drink a lot of water probably about 2.5 litres a day, do not wear heavy foundation and do not wear make up at the weekend unless absolutely necessary. 

Do you guys have any tips for clear skin? What are your skincare routines? Would love to hear you guys on the comments. 
Michelle Malonza said...

Where did you get your Retina A ?
You can also try DIY face masks weekly ( e.g castor oil , honey and sugar ) really help moisturize your face 😊

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