Miss Felicia!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Our absence cannot be explained! Sigh….However we have definitely felt the love this past couple of weeks hence the need for us to pick our proverbial quills and draft a post.
So if any of you natural heads have been on social media these past few weeks you must have heard about the Curltalk Event with the legendary Felicia Leatherwood. It happened this past weekend and was an absolute blast! Felicia is like a hair fairy godmother, you just want to give her loads of hugs and perch your head on her bosom. She is graciousness, queendom, loveliness, kindness personified. 

We would happily pay for a ticket to Los Angeles and sit on her salon chair…..btw have you guys caught her youtube show Headcases. If you haven’t, watch the first episode below.

The event was such a great opportunity for the growing natural hair population in Nairobi and beyond to learn from Felicia but also to catch up and share their own experiences. The pics below can attest to that.

It makes us all warm and fuzzy inside to see how huge the natural hair scene in Nairobi and how it’s such a welcoming community.

Did you guys attend the event? What were your thoughts?

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Nappy Glam said...

It was a dream come true for me to finally meet both of you...without knowing it, you inspired me to go natural nd were my go to 'consultants' in those early days. Vikky Wambui

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