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Monday, June 22, 2015

Today we are featuring a beautiful young lady that is inspiring the heck out of us! If you think you recognise her, we featured her sister here 

Hello Kurly Kichana readers! My name is Norkor, and I'm the face behind Voyageuse Africaine, the blog and the brand! I'm 17, from Ghana and I have been saved by the grace of God and by what Jesus Christ accomplished on the Cross.

1. You have amazing hair and a fabulous hair cut, tell us more about your routine
 and what products you currently use?

My natural hair is quite short right now and I love it! I honestly don’t think I'm ever going back to medium-long natural hair. I'm such a low maintenance person especially with my hair it’s almost embarrassing. My routine is really simple. I wash my hair with Olive 7 Oils Cream Shampoo and condition with Cantu Moisturizing Rinse Out Conditioner. Once my hair is almost dry, I spritz it with water,glycerine, conditioner and olive oil. Every two days *cough* when I remember *cough* I massage my scalp with T444Z Hair Food. I spritz my hair in the morning, brush and I'm ready to go.

How gorgeous is this MELANIN!!!!

2. What are your thoughts on natural hair especially as a young African woman?

It is really important that young African women embrace the hair that naturally grows from their scalps, with all its curls, coils and kinks. Relaxers are doing nothing but polluting our bodies with chemicals, not to mention the burnt scalps + general pain that go hand in hand with the relaxing process. We need to re-educate ourselves and our children on our hair and its uniqueness. No another race on this earth has hair quite like ours, and that is something that is worthy of celebration, and not to be looked down on.

3. You are such an inspiration as a young African entrepreneur. How did you do  it and what inspires you?

Oh thank you! How do I do it? To be honest, I have to give all the credit to God because I won’t have come this far without his hand/provision/wisdom in my life. I took a gap year right after high school to figure out what I really wanted to do in life, and it was probably the best decision I’ve ever made, right after giving my life to Jesus Christ. I started blogging more consistently about my gap year and what was going on, and Voyageuse Africaine: The Brand became an offshoot of the blog. Usually it’s the opposite but oh well.. I got the inspiration by this diy/fashion/lifestyle blog and I was like “dang I could totally do this but with African print!”. I started off by hand-stitching purses. At the time I had no experience with sewing machines, much less hand-stitching, but my mom was taught how to sew by my grandmother so she ended up teaching me basic sewing skills. Sewing was the last hobby I thought I would ever be interested in, but look at what God has done. I hustled for a sewing machine also known as going to River Road in town to find one, and here we are now! I also have an aunt who is a seamstress and she took me under her wing for a while! I learnt a ton of new information from her as well as from our beloved Google. I obviously have a lot to learn about like marketing, packaging, making sales through social media (I love Instagram!) and accounting. However, I can only up from here and I cannot wait to see how God is going to work in this project of mine. Running a business is hard work, as I have no background in business or management. Most days I’m like “Wait, am I making this all up as I go?” and sometimes the answer is “yes.. yes you are!”.  It is all a learning experience, no matter how overwhelming it is.
I am inspired by Ghanaian culture and textiles! I am also fascinated by the idea of making something beautiful and useful out of a piece of fabric, lining and a zip, the same way God makes beautiful things out of dust. I did not have the opportunity to grow up in my home country so this is really my way of learning and embracing my culture. There is so much to learn and I’m really excited about it.

4. Tell us more about the Voyageuse Africaine aesthetic!

Voyageuse Africaine is a brand inspired by Ghanaian culture for the glory of God! I create purses, laptop and iPad sleeves from Ghanaian wax print as well as Ghanaian glass bead jewelry. With the jewellery, I enjoy mixing modern and traditional aspects! Ghanaians usually wear glass beads for formal occasions but I wanted to bring a fresh, modern perspective to our jewellery. I want Voyageuse Africaine jewellery to be thrown on casually, yet be able to dress up or dress down an outfit. We also love the minimalism, bordering on dainty look!

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Have any of you guys recently started  a business or become entrepreneurs? Share in the comments, we would also love to feature you!

Happy Week Folks!

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