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Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy Friday!

The weekend is finally here!WOOP! @nyashyk here, this past three weeks I have been letting my hair breath in between protective styling ( crochet braids and then cornrows). My hair has mainly been in pinned updos which has made working out and life much easier. 

My hair is now at a length where a twist out can still look reasonably good (thank heavens! that awkward stage between a twa and biggish hair is woe inducing). To achieve this look I started off with twists on Sunday night to stretch my hair and then wore the stretched hair in updos till Thursday. I then divided my hair into 4 sections spritzed with my water and conditioner mix, applied the Grohealthy Pudding and sealed  each section with almond oil and then twisted 4 big twists. 

I then untwisted this morning and let the fro breath! 

Below are the products I have been using on rotation

Suave Sun-Ripened Strawberry and Aloe Vera + Ginseng Conditioner for cowashing and as a leave in 

Jojoba oil, Aloe vera gel and @Nuyasessence Virgin coconut oil for sealing and restoring my edges

Fantasia IC Olive styling Gel and Grohealthy Pure Pudding - for general styling and laying of dem edges

@Nuyasessence raw shea butter for sealing plus applying it to every possible bit of hair and skin! Love this stuff. You can buy all the @nuyasessence products from www.kungarakenya.net 

I will be installing box braids at the weekend and will share my regimen for maintaining braids sometime next week. 

What techniques and products are you guys using at the moment, any great products out there? Happy Friday Folks!!

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Norkor N said...

Hey Nyachomba! So glad you guys are back to blogging! I was wondering, would you recommend the Fantasia Olive Styling Gel for twist outs as well as edge-laying? Cuz I got EcoStyler Gel with Argan Oil and the flaky struggle was too real! Idk if I wasn't using it properly or whaaaat but yea. :(

Nyachomba said...

Hey Lil Sis. The fantasia gel is bomb! I love it for definition and edge laying. To check if you will have flakes try and mix your gel and leave in, if it clumps you will defo get flakes it if mixes freely then you are good to go.

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