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Saturday, May 30, 2015

After getting some requests to share our everyday make up staples, we thought it a good idea to share!

I (Nyachomba) do not wear too much makeup, I like my real skin to show through so end up mainly using concealer around my mouth and nose and  around my eyes to cover my dark circles. On days I want to be fancy I use MAC Face and Body Foundation which is a light to medium coverage foundation, I mix two colours together to get my perfect base.

MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer, Black Opal Total Coverage Concealer and MAC Face and Body Foundation

To set my concealer I currently use Milani Pressed Powder which is the smoothest powder I have ever used, plus its cheap. Mary got hers in town for Kshs 900.

Milani Pressed Powder

For my eyes if I have time I do a simple Cat Eye with the Sleek Dip it liquid eyeliner which is one of the easiest liners to use. For eyebrow fleekness I use a cheaper brown mascara and the Sleek Eyebrow Pencil.  

Now anyone who knows me knows I live for Mascara, I am hardly seen without it. It just makes my eyes pop. I love the stuff! I always apply 2-3 coats to make my eyes look bigger

Benefit Badgal Lash Mascara, Clinique High Impact Mascara, Bourjois Volume 1 Second Mascara

I always finish off with some blusher or bronzer to make my cheekbones pop and brighten up my face. I always stick to MAC Bronzer or the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish blusher in a Rose gold colour. 

For my lips, I lined them with a brown lip pencil from LA Colors that Mary and I are obsessed with. Kshs 265 in Uchumi...don't sleep ladies!

What are your everyday make up staples. Share!Share!Share 
Anonymous said...

Good to see you ladies are back! We missed ya'll!!! I also use MAC F&B in N9, LA Girl concealer in fawn, MAC MSF in dark deep, LA Girl lip paint in blushing or LA Girl matte lip gloss in fleur, blush is cinnabar from LA Femme or at times MAC raizin if I want more colour & lastly mascara is golden rose with the red tube. You can find all the mentioned LA Girl products from

Lin said...

Thanks for the post Nyachomba! I love your "no makeup" makeup look and the subtle glow/shimmer. For everyday I currently use Black Opal concealer (different to the one you showed) and follow with Black Opal Translucent powder. I also use MAC blusher in Love Joy - very subtle colour and perfect for everyday. I also finish off with Maybelline Mascara, no eyeliner and fill in my brows sparingly with a brown pencil for a fuller look. I'm on the look-out for a great "nude" lip for every day...any recommendations or suggestions. For "special" occasions I use MAC it and looks very natural, in fact my favourite compliment I get when wearing it is "you have great skin"...exactly the "look" I'm going for. I actually need to re-purchase that one! P.S. please do a lippie post next

Anonymous said...


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