Feeling Myself - Crochet Braids

Monday, February 23, 2015

Its been months since we last blogged! We have been sooooo lacking in inspiration which makes for very boring posts! Worry not though, we are back and slowly starting to get inspired and we hope we should be able to share happy and fun posts. 

This Diana/Tracee Ellis Ross Hair is giving me lyfe and I just had to share how I did it with under Kshs 2,000 bob. Crochet Braid are the bizness! I managed to buy some Marley hair from @naturalhairkenya , I got two packs at 800 each in colour no. 1. I then bought a latch hook from Atuls on Biashara street for Kshs 250. 

I followed @ChicNaturals technique below except that I got the cornrows done at my nearest neighbourhood salon ( I defo. lack cornrowing skills, even matutas are a problem). I cut the marley hair in half and ended up using a pack and a quarter. 

To get the curls, I used curly kit rods, detangled a small section of the hair and applied a little hair pudding, wound the hair round the rod and then dipped the curled sections in boiling hot water for 10-15 seconds. This helped set the curl and I have not needed to recurl since.

I am feeling myself with this hair, you may have noticed if you follow me on Instagram :-) Oh yeah! I made a GIF.....YAY!

What are you guys doing with your hair? Anyone got crochet braids?
Happyhair said...

Nice to have you back. And your results are amazing! I did crochet braids a week ago using Jamaican Dread Braids and I'm loving them too :)

Anonymous said...

Yay finally you guys are back! :) Love the crotchet braids! I will try them out soon. Hope it looks as good as yours.

nashipae napono said...

The Crotchet braids look amazing!!! Excited that you are back.

Anonymous said...

That hair looks good,I wouldn't have known it was crotchet braids. I have been stuck in a rut too, this is definitely making me think I need to do something new...Glad you are back too, In terms of inspiration, you can blog about other things other than just hair. For example I used to enjoy the fitness posts. The guest posts are good too. Also I think that sometimes adding other topics to the mix can make thing more interesting e.g. food, books, movies/music, work/career, gadgets/apps...the list is endless.


Rosem Njeri said...

lovely ,please let me know where i can get the pudding and at how much

Karen KK said...

I actually have blonde crochet braids on. I can say this was the best decision I ever made about my hair. the best protective style especially with all this cold.. your's look great cant wait to try with Marley braids :D #crochetbraidsforlife

Karen KK said...

Crochet braids are the best right?! best protective style ever! I have gold crochet braids on and they on fleek two weeks later!

Nyachomba said...

Hey @Karen KK Crochet braids are FAB! Easiest protective style ever!!

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