Spock eyebrows need not define us

Monday, May 19, 2014

We have a new guest blogger....lets hear it for Fatima who will write a few posts once in a while...Her personality speaks through her writing and hopefully pics of her will grace the site soon :-)

Some of Nafy's work....Swooning

Hello lovely ladies, it is an absolute hoot for me to write this to you today. I have been (very graciously) given the opportunity to put this out to you by the vivacious Miss Nyachomba. While the blog is solely dedicated to the unrelenting search to achieve naturally beautiful locks, it is also (in my interpretation) about all things beautiful and attainable (no killing, maiming, stealing, scheming etc etc involved, ok a little scheming). It is of one such attainable thing that I would like to have your opinion on today.
It has recently come to my knowledge that the very talented Miss Nafy Abdi, make up artist extraordinaire (http://nafyabdi.com/about/  , https://www.facebook.com/nafyabdimakeup)  has plans to come on over to the sunny savannahs and hold…wait for it…a makeup tutorial(s?)! I, personally, am tres excited about the possibility. So we put so much effort into our hair and our skins but how do we view make up application and how does the way we approach it influence the end result? My general view towards make up can be summed up in one sentence, I’m going to smudge the drasted eye liner, again! Now I ask you ladies, don’t you aspire to be an eyeliner non-smudger? I want to conquer that thing…I aspire…I dream! More than anything, I don’t want my makeup to look like makeup…I want to look radiant, fresh, sultry…EFFORTLESS, but not made up, anything but! Alas, I haven’t the art and a palette in my hand invariably produces a tart! And so, enter Miss Nafy, who proposes to take my humble quivering hand and instruct it…un-tart it, so to speak.

This will, however, not be possible without your presence, actually quite impossible (she needs warm bodies, you see)! So for those who have gone ahead and looked at her flawless work (via the links given above) and are now in absolute awe, please give us feedback on your thoughts and whether you would be interested in an afternoon of colour, conquest and I have no doubt, oodles of fun!
Leave a comment or send an email to kurlykichana@gmail.com

P.S lopsided lipstick and eyebrows ala Spock do not have to define us!

Have a lovely Monday ladies, may you be radiant, always.
emeraldP said...

definately yes! yes! yes! am in would love to participate.

Nasi said...

OOOOH!!! I would so love to be involved in this. my make-up game is on the come up, and i'll take what I can get to take it to that Flawless level. YAY!!

kiki. said...

Hope am not too late...I would love to be in on it...

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