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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Have any of you kept up with your new year's resolutions? We probably gave up on our resolutions come Jan 5th! Sigh. Things needed to change and with a free running track in Lavington, Fatima and myself decided to pick up running every day at 7am, yes! Who would do that to themselves? Well when you realise that your trousers no longer fit and walking up stairs is getting difficult things needed to change STAT! 

We run for 1hr everyday, Yes its only been 2 weeks but we are determined to look like those strong tumblr for more swoons. 

What are you guys doing for exercise? anyone tried Bikram yoga?

If you are in the Lavington area join us at Jafferies running track at 7 am :-)

Louise Wanjohi said...

Bikram yoga is awesome not only for weight loss but it leaves you feeling extremely relaxed and refreshed. Wish I could join the early morning run....i am back to cycling cause i can totally relate to pants not going past your hips

pHenomenalhairstylist said...

I have clients who love Bikram Yoga. Some hot yoga places have discontinued the Bikram status due to some legal matters that came up with the founder, but most Black women flat twist their hair before the start of the hot yoga, then let it dry. This gives them a wavy set.

Muthoni Hari said...

Hi girls, it is soooo good to see that you guys are back up and running...literally and blog-wise. I did the Jaff thing for a while but I have no discipline :-( I have taken up something called Barre. It is an instructional class that is painful and I want to quit at every class but at the end of the 1 hours session I feel great! I have to travel all the way to the Village Market (ouch!) and I hope it will be worth it ( i am on my 7th session).

Kenyan Enterpreneur said...

Congrats for your job. I dont run anymore. I am on week 5 insanity. I have kept up. I do yoga but i dont know what is call and i think Bikram is hot room yoga so i dont do that. I have 10K in september so i am sure i will pick up the running in the next 6 weeks or sO. Keep at it, you sure will get to your goal!

Anonymous said...

Bikram is amazing. I did it for a while and plan on going back. It's very good for posture correction and weight loss. You girls will be drinking up lots of water post the class.

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