WE'RE BACK! While We Were Away...

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hello all you beautiful creatures!

Today is the first day of August 2013, and our first blog post in what feels like a lifetime. Well, here it is, and here WE are! Finally, right.... And we've brought our new blogging agenda!

So about our absenteeism, trust me when I say it's not from lack of trying. We would get to work every morning, hook up online via chat and begin our we-really-should-post-something-today ritual. It went something like this:

Mary: Ayyyy gurrrl what's good!
Nyachomba: Sup mami!
Mary: Just got in, having my green tea. What's up!
Nyachomba: Coffee and runners high from yesterdays run, feeling gooooood!
Mary: Awesome awesome..  
Mary: OH so I am having the most awesome hair day today, that hair butter you whipped up works like Hogwarts magic! OMG 
Nyachomba: Lol! Your're welcome! Pics?!!! 
Nyachomba: You should do a quickie post...
Mary: Yeah... 
Nyachomba: Yeah...

Ten minutes later

Mary: Check out this YouTube vid, it's hilarious! (link)
Nyachomba: On it!!!!

And that's EXACTLY how it's been this past couple of weeks. True story.

We sat down the other day and decided to figure this slump out. After a few hours of brutal honesty and some red wine, herein lie our findings and resolutions:

1. We Are Horribly SHY .... and Private. 
Now I know what you're going to ask; then why did you start a blog?? yeah chill out and listen. We started the blog for ourselves initially; we wanted to document our natural hair journey and in the process, put our findings out there for anyone who would care to listen. Fast forward into the future, well hey! They like us, they really like us! (And we are so grateful to each of you who take the time to stop in and listen to our ramblings... we heart you!) More hair posts coming up lovelies.

We're shy... painfully shy

2. With Great Followers, Comes Great Responsibility.
Now bloggin' aint easy. Especially if you are worried about what your followers think (defeated shrug) and if you have a fulltime job! We reached a point where blogging became mechanic. We stopped blogging about the stuff we cared for and focused on hair stuff (by request), which, to be honest, felt like a chore. So we have decided to pick up on talking about our passions, fitness and current interests for your reading enjoyment. You're welcome.

We're super excited!! 

3. Sharing is Caring.
We love sharing information on the latest natural hair technique, products, hairstyles but we also encourage you guys to go on and share your findings and stories from time to time! That's why we love doing features; it's important for women to understand that people have different approaches to their hair care regimens. We are but two in a sea of many! There's so much we can learn from one another... Group hug? Anyone? Oh ok. We feel that so many people are reliant on second-hand information rather than going out and experimenting , which is sad and breaks our heart! Ladies go out and have a blast trying out various products, techniques and even hair dressers!

funny adventure time hug gif

4. Style Vs. Fashion - Our Take.
Here's a secret for you; we are not the least bit fashionable. We hardly bother with fashion trends and, on occasion, have been called hippies/ flower-children/ afrohemians. But what we lack in fashion, we make up in amazing style. Nope, not a trace of modesty to be found... So! In a bid to rid ourselves of our hyper-shyness, we will post up on more on this for your judgement. Look out for our DIY tips, make up and all!

Yeah we like that....

5. We are Incredibly Silly and Like It.
We reviewed the blog, and found that our silliness dropped by a staggering 99.9% in line with our robotic posts. This will change; we're turning up the silly factor in here. Life's too short y'all.

*giggling uncontrollably*

So that's it. We do apologize for the silence, but man we needed it.

Catch you later doll
Anonymous said...

Goooooo kurlies!!!!! I always recommend speaking from the heart, passion is what counts :)

Sheri Lyn said...

YAY! I'm already enjoying the freshness of the post! Looking forward to more of it and more of YOU (plural) :)

Patricia Rotich said...

Really glad to have you back..:):-)

Neema said...

A post I can definitely relate to. Do what makes your heart sing :)

Anonymous said...

Good that u guys are back :) I have a question do any of you ladies know where to buy rhassoul clay in nairobi? thx

Aisha said...

Lol, I was going through the same thing! Especially your second point so I also took an unofficial break from blogging. Not sure if I'm officially back yet :s

Anonymous said...

The silliness is already back as portrayed by the icons used. Had a pick me up moment which is a good way to end a downer day. Looking forward to more postings.

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