Natural Hair Focus Group #1

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hello gorgeous,

A couple of nights ago, we attended a focus group; the agenda - natural hair of course. The night was perfect... drinks, amazing company and hair talk... A lot of hair talk!

What started out as a fact finding mission conducted by the good people of L'Oreal, quickly turned into a share group! No topic was out of bounds... From personal experiences and struggles with natural hair - both hilarious and touching - to life as Kenyan women combating societies false perception of beauty. The phrase of the night was this:

"This is a safe space; there is no judgement here."

We hope we were of assistance to our lovely hosts, thank you again for having us.

Special shout out to the wonderful women who made it happen! 

Natural Hair Feature: Irene Odipo Loderick

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Good Thursday Ladies! Here's another HOT natural hair feature courtesy of Vlogger Ms. Irene. Have a look at her divine curls and read up on her journey to natural. 

Hi all!!!!My name is Irene Odipo Loderick, I am thirty six years old and have been fully natural for four years. My decision to go fully natural was simply because I did not want to be yet another weaved up clone walking down the street! All black women were really starting to look too much alike and the world seemed saturated by seemingly the same weave or wig plastered on peoples heads! I just wanted to break free from the ‘Norm’ and so I chose to go natural.

To be honest, I had worn weaves throughout my twenties but the hair underneath was always natural but quite neglected and not taken care of. I had to relax my hair in the front so that my hair could nicely blend in with the weave so I would  not be ‘Curly Africa’ in the front of my head and ‘Silky India’ in the back! Once I stopped wearing weaves, I started to take better care of my hair and grow out the relaxed front .The whole going natural thing for me was truly a learning experience because to begin with, I did everything WRONG!!!I could not properly moisturise and seal my hair to save my dear life. 

I would wash my hair loose, properly scrub it and after getting it nicely tangled up and knotted, rub it vigorously dry with a towel, and then slather on some coconut oil to ‘Seal’ in my moisture. After committing all these atrocities, i would then pile my hair into a bun in which it stayed for about two weeks without refreshing my moisture or sealing! GASP!!!

I have since come a long way in my journey, and have learned a lot! Of course I don’t know it all still but am really enjoying this time that am using to develop a healthy relationship with my hair. I recently started my YouTube Channel where I share hair care tips as well as ideas for imaginative natural hair styling. Please find me on:   Please do stop by and subscribe so that we may enjoy this journey together!

Special thanks to the lovely Ms. Irene!

Are you natural and proud! Share your unique natural hair journey with us and let the world discover your natural beauty. Email us at and send us high resolution pictures for the post!

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