Natural Hair Feature: Hawanatu

Monday, June 24, 2013

Hello Kurlies, we have another wonderful natural haired goddess to introduce you to today; her name is Hawanatu. Take a look at her amazing natural hair! Enjoy the read xo

Hi! My name is Hawanatu and I am originally from Sierra Leone, West Africa!! I am currently studying in the south of France. 

How long have you been natural? Why did you decide to go natural and what influenced you?

I had my last relaxer in January 2011. It was the worst relaxer process I have ever experienced. My scalp got burnt and wounded. Several weeks after my relaxer I came across a documentary produced by Chris Rock called “good hair”. The documentary reveals the dangers and health problems one could get from using relaxers. I was so terrified about even putting another relaxer on my hair. I started doing research on how to properly take care of black hair. I came across so many beautiful black women on YouTube with amazing, luscious and healthy  long hair. I was so inspired and motivated about taking good care of my own hair. So I just stopped relaxing my hair and I have been natural for two years now. 

What reactions have you gotten from your friends and family about your natural hair?
Honestly everyone loves my natural hair. They don’t throw shade or give me any negative looks. The only tiny problem I had was with my Dad. He was sort of angry about the fact that I chopped off my long damaged relaxed hair. He gets it now because my natural hair is so much healthier and stronger. Other than that I usually receive a lot of complement from people.

What products do you currently use?

I am a product junkie! For my pre poo treatment, I use olive oil and coconut oil. I then shampoo with cream of nature coconut and sunflower.  It smells amazing!! I deep condition my hair with Shea moisture, herbal essence, curls and organic root stimulator hair mayonnaise. I experiment a lot with conditioners because I still haven’t found the one. After deep conditioning my hair I use curls milkshake moisturizer as a leave in. finally I seal my hair with my Shea butter concoction. The Shea butter concoction is homemade. 

What are your natural hair goals?
I have already reached a point where my hair is really healthy so my goal is to reach waist length by 2015.

What styles do your wear most of the time?
It depends on the time of the year. During the winter period I wear a lot of buns, twist and braids. This is mainly to prevent my hair from rubbing against my coat. In the summer time I wear a lot of braid outs. This is to give my and scalp a break from all the braiding. I don’t do a lot of styles on my hair. I keep it very simple. 

What is the best thing about being natural?
I enjoy the versatility!! I can wear curly, straight; fro and braids.  My natural hair enables me to stand out from the crowd. Many black girls in France are trying to blend in the Eurocentric standard of beauty. I deviate from that because I am a leader and not a follower.

What advice would you give someone who recently went natural or who is transitioning?
Do your own research and find out what works for you. Experiment with lot of product and see what ingredients your hair like. For example; some people hate products with cone but they work perfectly for me. Try to develop a regimen that you will stick to. Lastly, be patient with your hair. Don’t be doing length check every week or comparing your hair with another girls hair. We all have different DNAs hence our hair grows at different rates. Enjoy it because it is an amazing journey!

 If there's anything else you would like to add, go right ahead!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity. I also want to thank you for spreading the gospel of natural hair. Keep up the good work!
MamaBasse said...

Beautiful sister! Beautiful Hair!

Zoe said...

LOve her hair.

Virginia Wangeci said...

Oh wow!! So this is what they call a hair crush... *sigh:)

Mary said...

I know right! Thanks for the comments ladies! :D

hawa kabu said...

Thank you so much

hawa kabu said...
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