Dinner with Mugabe!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Was it not enough punishment and suffering in history that we were uprooted and made helpless slaves not only in new colonial outposts but also domestically! (Robert Mugabe)

This past two weeks I have been reading the books below and can highly recommend them. Firstly God is not a Christian by Desmond Tutu. I am hardly a good Christian, sadly for my mother but this book reminds us that we do not choose which religion we are born in and we should as humans remember that we should embrace our similarities especially amongst our religions.

The second book is a powerful piece by Heidi Holland.She tracks down key figures in Mugabe's life and speaks to them intimately about the man that is Mugabe. I found that I also learnt alot about Zimbabwe's struggle for independence and I can empathise with where Mugabe is coming from 

You can get both books from Text Book Centre around Kshs 900 each.

Njambi A. Muchemi said...

Hi Curlfriends(such a funny word),

So i have a natural hair friend at work who swears by bananas and avocados. When i started my natural journey i went crazy buying all sorts of stuff for my hair but she told me that i can be just as successful using stuff from the house.

The one i like is as below...i sorta eyeballed everything in terms of the amounts of ingredient to use but i feel it worked out ok.

First the usual virgin olive oil(extra virgin) if you have some. Then add a very ripe banana(and/or avocado). Some glycerin and some honey. Emphasis on some :). The honey helps with the shelf life of you doo goo and i guess helps seal in the moisture in your hair? I think?). Blend everything. Sometimes i like to add coconut oil coz i like the smell(weird) and also helps with the detangling coz my teeny weeny fro is starting to grow.

Alright, hope that helps.

Note: Put small amounts of the honey like 2 tablespoons.


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