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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hey guys how are you today,

Today we want to share a great quick DC mix that's super cheap and very effective..
We came across this great recipe from watching Naptural85's video where she uses Greek yogurt and apple cider vinegar as a deep conditioning mix.

The steps are really simple, All you have to do is 3/4 of a cup of any natural yogurt (NB: Do NOT use the flavoured or fruity variety - however tempted you may be). You have the choice of using either ACV (apple cider vinegar) or just plain old V (vinegar). Mix the two and voila!

We normally apply it section by section then leave it on for like 30mins. Rinse with cold water and make sure to rinse well, old stale yogurt smells!

 Hair with no product 

Any cheap deep conditioning recipes you guy can share?

Njambi A. Muchemi said...

Hi Curlfriends(such a funny word),

So i have a natural hair friend at work who swears by bananas and avocados. When i started my natural journey i went crazy buying all sorts of stuff for my hair but she told me that i can be just as successful using stuff from the house.

The one i like is as below...i sorta eyeballed everything in terms of the amounts of ingredient to use but i feel it worked out ok.

First the usual virgin olive oil(extra virgin) if you have some. Then add a very ripe banana(and/or avocado). Some glycerin and some honey. Emphasis on some :). The honey helps with the shelf life of you doo goo and i guess helps seal in the moisture in your hair? I think?). Blend everything. Sometimes i like to add coconut oil coz i like the smell(weird) and also helps with the detangling coz my teeny weeny fro is starting to grow.

Alright, hope that helps.

Note: Put small amounts of the honey like 2 tablespoons.


waceke said...

This sounds exciting! Can't wait to try it, I love yoghurt!
How much vinegar should one use?

Anonymous said...

Ok maybe it's just me but this yoghurt recipe does NOT work for 4C hair (or low porosity hair) I can't describe the matted mess I was left with after. However I do swear by the banana and avocados DC! I use a steamer with it too and my hair absolutely loves it! Another good one pure raw cocoa powder, coconut cream, honey, olive oil and bananas!sounds yummy but it's yummy for hair too!

Anonymous said...

Oh and I'd also like to share something I saw online sometime back that sounds absolutely absurd but when I tried it I was shocked! So basically, if you're a person who works out you know that you have to confuse the body with different work outs inorder to see weightloss or definition quicker. Apparently it's the same for hair. If you change up your deep conditioners weekly, the way in which you mosturise (I.e loc method/seal method), and throw in a hot oil treatment in the mix, you're bound to see crazy hair growth! I've tried this for 2 months and the growth is ridiculous! And my hair's growth is normally snail-paced! Anyway if anyone tries this please share your thoughts cos I need assurance that I'm not imagining things lol.

sylvia anne said...
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sylvia anne said...

Hey kurlykichanas
I recently used half cocnut oil and half a cheap drugstore conditioner left in my plastic cap for two hours. Rinsed with lukewarm water since cocnut oil tend to get waxy when cold. It worked wonders for my scalp too, since i have serious dry scalp. Tyr it ;) you can ofcourse use any oil of choice depending on the stat of your hair or scalp:)
Thanks for the great posts! Sylvia Wangari

Kurly said...

Wow... Thanks ladies! We will definitely give the mixes a try! Nature always has exactly what we need.

Kurly said...

Hi Sylvia! Greetings from Nairobi! Thank you so much for your recipe! We absolutely ADORE coconut oil! We always go through ridiculous lengths to make sure we have some. Glad to see you repping naturals all the way in Norway! x

Kurly said...

Hola Anon! We will defo give the banana/ avocado a try! We've never even thought of using raw cocoa powder!! That recipe sounds good enough to eat lol - thanks for the heads up. AND to your second point, we've heard the same theory and I must admit it makes sense - we usually change up our deep conditioners and rarely use the same mix in a row... hair confusion is the truth y'all! Thanks for sharing!!!

Kurly said...

Hello Waceke! Natural yoghurt is great for us inside and out! When it comes to the vinegar, we usually eyeball it, but for guidance, make sure you add enough to make the yoghurt easier to spread from root to tip - but not too much in that it becomes runny. Hope this helps!

Kurly said...

Hi there Njambi! Your breakdown is perfect thank you! We will mix up a batch and let y'all know how it works! Honey is great for moisture, you are absolutely correct! It is a natural humectant, meaning it draws in moisture from the immediate environment much like glycerine.

Thanks again! :D

Wambui said...

Apply a a ton of coconut oil to your hair and by a ton I mean a s**t load of coconut oil should saturate your hair from root to tip soul glow style, let it marinade for 3 hours minimum. Then just before washing add shampoo on your scalp and massage (when your hair is still dry) then rinse and condition. Doing it this way makes it easier to rinse than attempting to shampoo when wet. Coconut oil can be frustratingly hard to rinse so this little trick works splendidly for me. My hair is moisturized and washing is a breeze...and that my friends is how i stay winning !

waceke said...

It does, Thanx.
Keep the tips coming :)

Mazuri said...

Tried natural yorgut, coconut oil and egg yolks...could not keep it on my hair coz it kept dripping all over the place *bleugh*. But i want to try yorghut and avocado...thats some heavy protein

Zoe said...

Interesting idea.

Kadawa said...

I would have to second Anons comment about the yogurt DC.. i have extremely thick, undefined hair and the this DC combo seemed to dry it out even further!

Michelle said...

I just found your blog on the KE blog awards website. So glad I did! :-) I didn't know there were this many natural hair enthusiasts in Kenya. I'm glad to be in good company.

Now concerning the post , I also blog about my natural hair journey and I have done a couple of posts on natural hair recipes here
and here

Kinldy check them out and lemme know what you think! :-)

Otherwise, please invite me for the next naturalistas events you may have.



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