A treat for the lips

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mary and I absolutely love lip products....lipstick, lipgloss,  lipstains..name them and we love em! You can view our obsession here and here. Sometimes though, a girl just needs a simple product that keeps your lips looking shiny and moisturised.

We are currently obsessing over the new Nivea Lip Butters, you cannot pass by any supermarket cashiers without spotting these beauties. Take the plunge and spend the Kshs 300 on these babies, they are super! With ingredients like Shea butter, Castor seed oil and Sweet Almond oil, they definitely are a treat for the lips.

What lip products are you guys loving at the moment?
Anonymous said...

Nivea lip butter-caramel cream

Anonymous said...

Vaseline petroleum jelly has always been my go to lip care, all the others seem to react. However Denk Pharm have a lip balm with shea butter that's the truffff!!! not available in shops though. I wish Vaseline could have the cocoa butter jelly in the smallest size (petition??)

Sharon Gitonga said...

Oriflame Very Me Sweetie Lipgloss

Sharon Gitonga said...

Oriflame Very Me Sweetie Lipgloss

Nyachomba said...

Tempted to go buy this!

Anonymous said...

Blistex Raspberry and lemon

Anonymous said...

Umm...honey, horrible advice! The number one, or maybe two, ingredient in all these Nivea lip butters is mineral oil. Seeing as you're crazy about hair, I know you know that mineral oil should be avoided. Perhaps you should have just mentioned that.

Mary said...

Oh Anon, tell me you're trolling us right now... c'mon! Either that or you're slightly misguided. But don't worry, we're here to help.

1. Your lips have no pores. Not a single pore one them.. you know what that means - it means that 'nasty old mineral oils' have little to no effect on your lovely lips.
2. Now you know that feeling when your lips are dry and instinctively you lick them to keep them moist but they keep getting worse the more you lick them... that's because our lips have a natural oily film that try to lock in what little moisture they can get, and do you know what doctors with degrees and stuff recommend to treat dry lips... wait for it... good old vaseline! 100% mineral oil.

Use it on your lips, just don't put it on your hair. Unless you're into that.

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