A Look Behind the Scenes

Sunday, May 5, 2013

We recently had the opportunity to sit down for what I consider to have been our most intimate and comfortable interview to date.

Here are some behind the scenes pictures!

More details coming soon

Miss Vavavum said...

I love what you have done with your hair! I am currently transitioning,about 6 months now, I am looking for various hairstyles to try out. How do you achieve what you have? My hair is short.

Kurly said...

Hey Miss Vavavum - Congratulations on the 6 month transition. Our hair is literally as your would be should you simply allow it to grow naturally from your scalp. How long is your hair and what sort of styles would you be interested in, we would love to do a few tutorials if you need them. Best!

Bee said...

Waiting for the rest of it anxiously, patiently I mean :-) You two look lovely I love the hair and your outfits!

MEG Pearls said...

hi, where do you know where can have the above hair style done. i am currently transitioning. lookng forward to try out new stuff.

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