Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This is slowly turning into a travel blog :-). Over Easter, the boyfriend, some friends and I decided to go climb Mt Longonot! Lets just say it was rather painful going up and even worse going down, the views definitely made up for the sore muscles. 
Have any of you climbed Mt Longonot and how was it?

Onome said...

Wow it's gorgeous!!! It must have been really relaxing once you got to the top.

I'm actually surprised that Kenyans go hiking. I'm Nigerian and we do not go all (though I'm from the rain-forest region, and that might explain why hacking through a forest is unwise lol)

TheBantuGirl said...

I've climbed Mt. Longonot. First of all, the name just makes me happy.. Secondly, I had a great experience!

jaqjerry said...

It was great., I want to do it again! The toughest was going up, thank God for the base almost at the mid point going up. Going round the ring was totally awesome...going down made me feel like an experienced rock climber. Hair updates?

Jill said...

Now this is the mountain I should have climbed!! My brother convinced us all to climb Mt Kenya in 2010 to propose to his girlfriend. Now that was gruelling hike, never again I tell you!! The experience was good, family bonding time all but I now prefer to keep all family bonding time on flat surfaces, proposals or not.

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