Hair Typing: A Video on Said Topic

Friday, March 8, 2013

Hey party people,

So there you have it. Our thoughts on hair typing and what have you. We would like to know what your thoughts are on the topic, so do share on the comments below!

Thanks a bunch for watching the video and sticking through the, um, technical difficulties. You, sir/madam, are a champ and we salute you! Lesson learnt though.

Enjoy the weekend ahead dear hearts!
Paula Waibochi said...

Hey! Your blog is awesome and as an 18 year old natural for a few months I love reading your posts! The only thing I can say about porosity that its no t nearly as important as finding out whether you have low/ high porosity or fine/ coarse hair. I know finding out that I had low porosity was a game changer for me. keep up the good work:)

Paula Waibochi said...

Hey! Ive been natural for a few months (Im 18 in case anyone finds that important =>)and I love reading your blog! My thoughts on hair typing is that its more important to know whether you have low/ normal/ high porosity or fine/ medium/ coarse strand size. working with humiditys also important! I first followed tips for 4b hair but finding out that I have low porosity hair has worked MUCH better for me!

Kenyan Enterpreneur said... video, don't hair type personally as I don't thnk know my hair type changes anything, but am all for listening to my hair. Can you do a video on how u deep condition and products ( price where to find them and prices). Thanks a beat!

TheBantuGirl said...

Eee Mary, I want that hat! Tehe. I am so glad we are on the same page regarding hair typing. I tried creating a video and editing is testing my patience. I can appreciate the effort you put into this one.

Anonymous said...

Mary! C'est belle chic! Oooh la la!

Matilda said...

Hi ladies,

Thanks for the video! I started following your blogs late last year after becoming a natural in Sept. I agree with all you said. My hair has also got 3 different types but I've noticed it changing a bit since I left it twisted for about 2 wks (and of course moisturizing it daily). Now it looks more or less the same all over or is it just me thinking it has... Has anyone ever experienced this?

By the way, I also design and make hair accessories. If you have time please have a look and drop me a line:)

Thanks again,


Nyachomba said...

Hey Paula! Thanks for the love...glad you have started young...We really need to address the porosity issue..:-)

Stigi said...

Hey Girls,
I have been natural for 3 years now....I havent been too keen on taking care of my hair until beginning this year when I decided to get serious.Reason for this being, I had watched a gazillion youtube videos on natural hair and got terribly discouraged because none of those products are found here. Then there was all the things I tried on my hair to make it curly....I did bantu knots/ twist outs/ braid name it, I did it. I then came to the conclusion all those girls on youtube have some mzungu hair somewhere somewhere from their ancestors. Thats why their wash n go's were so easy. I mean there is a girl...who would just wash her hair, shake her head furiously and bang...super curly finish. Si I (let me leave it there.
Anyhoo this year I have decided to be serious with my hair and so far I am thinking why did I not start immediately after I BC'ed. But I have this website to thank for my new found TLC for my hair.
Seriously this long post was only for one thing......please post more often. Haki everyday I stop by to see if you have posted something and always get disappointed. I know its hard with work and all but have a following now (I am an everyday follower) :)
But I love love love......keep it up!!!

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