Ode to Nyachomba's Haircut

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hey there good lookin'!

So I'm in love with Nyachomba's cut, however I lack the commitment needed for any long term change, so why not fake it right?

Below is my fake-it-till-you-make-it take on her haircut, it's not perfect, but then again it took me all of five minutes to do... haha!

Before: Shrunken hair out in a 'fro

Close up!

After: BAM! It sorta, kinda looks like her fabo cut, right... riiiiight?


Back picture

I just used three pins: tucked up the back and the sides, and teased the front to little curled up bangs. Nothing to it! 

I think next time, I will try it with stretched hair! What do you guys think?

Enjoy your Tuesday good people!
Tess said...

Love love love!!Now am the laziest when it comes to styling....but i can do this..i think*
Also the lip colour...LOVE!Ni gani?:))
Love snopping here...frequency of the posts is awesome!!!

keshiME&fashion said...

LOVE the look!!!which lipgloss is this?

kinky_lockz said...

Love!... Im scissor happy so im faking it in 2013 or I swear its another big chop

Mary said...

Hey Tess! It's super simple! You literally need nothing more than a couple of hair pins and some finger teasing. Many thanks for the appreciation hun! More posts coming your way!

Mary said...

Thanks! Oh right, it's actually lipstick, Revlon - Berry Haute! One of my faves actually!
Looks cute all matte as well :)

Mary said...

Hey Kinky_lockz!!!! How are ya? I actually cut my hair this past weekend! Not by much, just two inches or so! Man I LOVE how my hair feels! I called up Nyachomba all excited and stuff... how much do you want to cut off?

Lily said...

Your hair looks super healthy and a very nice, gorgeous black colour. I thought regular henna treatments make hair reddish/brownish? Or is that just good photo editing skills? ;) Anyway awesome blog. I am a huge fan :)

kinky_lockz said...

Hey dear! Well and blessed. You? There's no better feeling than some smooth ends :D I really want to shape my hair, whatever the loss in inches..but before that im on a mini experiment.. Flat ironed the hair for 2wks twice, gonna dye it and just play before a fresh cut. Nervous bout doing it myself but thank God its just hair :)

Mary said...

Girl just do it! Enjoy the experimental splurge! I was in the middle of a DC when the scissor happy feels overcame me! And you are so right, it's just hair. I'm loving my blunt/ smooth edges.

I also want to straighten my hair, I think I will ask Nyash to even it out for me, because my recent chop was less than accurate! lol! Keep us posted on your hair!

Mary said...

Hey thanks Lily! Yeah I have really dark hair naturally so henna only shows in bright light and the right angles, sucks :(

Thanks for stopping by!

Wanjeri said...

Hey Mary. What products do you use to moisturize your hair? Particularly on the day you took these pics? Your hair looks quite lovely.

Aisha said...

Lol!! I'm also proper envying Nyachomba's cut. It just looks so hot but I too don't have the guts to chop right now. How ironic, since I managed to chop off my hair almost two years ago!

Anonymous said...

hae,am new to this blog and ur page on facebook and am transitioning to natural and its been like three months and my new growth is terrible and hard .....help a sister out on products i can use to soften and also ensure my hair is mosturised.probably a guide i could follow and products i can find locally and also those in my kitchen.love ur hair btw,n would love to get there.thanx

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