Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Today we have a guest by the name of Linda Oriannah! This girl is super refreshing and shares our love of all things footwear :-)

She shares her transition/natural hair story below, how cute is her TWA! 

This is where my transition began…

I was sitting in a bus one sunny afternoon and I overheard two elderly women having a conversation that was of interest to me (I am a coastal woman, any conversation is of interest to me, lol)
Aki hii perm imenikata nywele, ningejua zamani ninge kaa tu na ile curly-kit yangu

Translation ‘this relaxer has really cut my hair, if I had known earlier, I would have stayed with the curly- kit I had’
These are comments we hear all the time in different circles from women of different ages but out of curiosity I turned to look at the state of her hair. WOOOWWW!! Let’s just say it wasn’t in the best of states. Her hair line was practically non-existent and the hair itself was so thin I could count the threads.

Now you have to understand that as it was I had three strands of hair: my hair was dull, wouldn’t keep a set and was basically getting on my nerves. Fast forward to three months later, I see Nyachomba-who I was in school with- rocking really awesome natural hair. Back then I had a very ill informed perception of natural hair; I pictured myself trying to tie it which was impossible when I was a child thanks to the ever so embarrassing bald spot on the back of my head. But Nyachomba, she pulled it off really well- no bald spots..lol.
My cousin TT and I had been talking about going natural for a sometime but we never really got the guts to do it. She had been waiting for me to man- up and I had been waiting for her to man-up basically we were both being chickens.
I have never been a weave person so apart from braiding, there really was nothing else I did with my hair which is one of the reasons why it bored me to bits.

So on a really cold Wednesday morning I took the day off work, called my hair dresser to inform him that I was coming in for THE BIG CHOP. This I did out of fear of looking like Homer Simpson’s long lost sister (because of…you know…the 3 strands of hair I had left on my head) Peter, my ever so loyal hair dresser, cut it reluctantly. He had experience with cutting hair so he insisted that he wouldn’t let me see it until I he was done which is hindsight was a great idea . When I first looked in the mirror I shouted at him ‘PUT IT ALL BACK, I LOOK LIKE MORGAN FREEMAN’ Which I swear I did, well without the wrinkly face and graying beard.

After a pep talk, I went back home feeling like I had left something so valuable at Peter’s(more like on Peter’s floor) and started to strategize on when I would braid my hair. I needed to get used to the look- to not playing with my long locks, to not spending my Saturday afternoons at the Salon.  
I looked in the mirror again and that voice in my head kept shouting/teasing back "MORGAN FREEMAN.MUAHAHAHA"

Needless to say, I went to work the next day feeling so low, waiting for the nasty comments from my workmates. Surprisingly, everyone loved it, ‘The looked suits you’ they all said. You know sometimes when people convince you of something you slowly start accepting it and adapting to it. I spent the whole morning on the Kurly Kichana website, writing a list of what products I needed to buy, where I could get them, learning all the terminologies we natural girls use like CS, Twist out….OOH THE EXCITEMENT.
Of course my cousin joined the natural club a few days later, her afro was a few inches shorter than mine but she loved it and it complimented all her strong features.
I am a storyteller as you may have noticed and can go on and on and on about this but let me move on to maintenance. My hair loves Castor Oil and Coconut Oil, they both make it so soft and they also maintain my twists.
Conditioners I live; by Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Conditioner, Schwarzkopf Shea Butter Conditioner. I use Alberto Balsam’s Raspberry Conditioner for my CS, I mix it up with honey and Extra Virgin olive oil. For beautiful shinny twist outs, I spray my hair with ORS Olive Oil Sheen. Once a month I put henna on, I forget the name of the brand but it is in a white container, leave it for about 10 minutes then put the Replenishing Conditioner right after I was the henna off as it leaves my hair really dry. When I do shampoo, I use Herbal Essence’s Hello Hydration Shampoo, it smells so yummy and it sort of has the texture of a conditioner as it leaves my hair moisturized.

If I do require a thorough conditioning I visit Tweezers Salon in the city center (where Peter is based). He is really good with natural hair. Until I went natural I had no idea how much time I spent at the hair dressers. After I went natural, apart from having the freedom to do whatever I want with my hair, my Saturdays are free as well (oww yyeaaa)
Many people, especially men, are for the idea of natural hair however there are still some non-believers out there who still give comments such as ‘Wow, you are so bold’ ‘You must be those free spirited, spoken-word loving women’.  None of which I am by the way *distant stare*
My recommendations: Because we tend to over think the process of going natural, it takes some of us forever to do the big chop. It isn’t half as bad as you think it is. IF YOU’RE THINKING IT JUST DO IT. Also I recommend going to a specialist to cut it, it reduces the risk of back-firing J
The only challenge I have is the flatness it gets after the gym…this is when I truly look like Morgan Freeman.

Any of you have funny transitioning stories?
Shiro said...

Totally love your new look hun:-)I did the big chop as well three weeks ago.First step i did was to check out Nyachomba Kurly kichana link on what products.Am loving the new look though the challenge comes when you workout.I understand regarding the flatness.I wanna try the twist out soon.:-)

Anonymous said...


I am the above mentioned TT.

I think this is a really great piece, It captures the basic journey of "the great transition" pretty well. I more or less went through the same thing and I thank my cousin Linda for having the guts to go first.

She has been a great inspiration, I cant thank you enough babe.

Hopefully one day I can share my story.

Thank you to the Kurly Kichana team for the great jobs you guys are doing! You girls ROCK!


She doesn't look like Morgan Freeman after the gym, its more a "Samuel L Jackson-in-Django" look. Hehehehehe :-)

Lydia Mavumbo said...

hahahaha Linda you are NUTS!!!I absolutely loved this piece...so funny to stumble on this,I have JUST been thinking about going natural (this week actually) and I was like I can't even remember how I managed my natural hair coz that was back in primary school!!days of milazo and wince-as-you-get-SUPER-blowdried!!!So this is a great post, I plan on braiding this weekend for like a month so I will do my research and decide what to do once the month is over.I don't think I wanna do a BC...too scared of how I will look *CHICK-EN*, so will maybe braid back to back with treatments in between while I trim off the relaxed hair...but lemme not jump the gun...thanks for sharing this...and you DO NOT look like Morgan Freeman...that TOTALLY cracked me up!!!
enjoy ur natural hair journey hun!

Val's I.D.Entity said...

Hey, I loved ur story and I love ur twa. A piece of advice after the gym, try a co-wash where u just wash ur scalp with conditioner ( hello hydration is great). Then do some chunky twists with leave in and Shea butter...you should wake up to a gorgeous twist out in the morning. All the best :)

Anonymous said...

im currently transitioning to natural hair.I love your story and i'm curious about the bit where you mentioned that your hairdresser is good with natural hair. Did you mean that he can style it and all or is it the basic stuff.

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