Revlon ColorBurst Lip Gloss: Bordeaux

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hey there,

I love my lip gloss, like Nyachomba loves her mascara. If there's one thing I cannot leave the house without its a tube of lip gloss... and a spare. 

My go-to lip glosses of choice that I find affordable and simply fantastic are Maybelline, Revlon and Cover Girl - in that order. I usually stock up when I get to travel, or send a friend to bring me a pile whenever possible. HOWEVER! I recently found a pharmacy that stores both Maybelline and Revlon lip glosses at UNDER 1000 shillings. Woop woop!

Up top is my old tube that I replaced with the Revlon ColourBurst - Bordeaux
Found at Medlab (name?) Pharmacy at Valley Arcade: for Kshs. 850/- Go there... Now.

My new Bordeaux is the heavily pigmented swab to your left. This stuff is like super pigmented! LOVE  
The swab to the right is my old Super Lustrous - Mauve.

Le Application.

Le Self-admiration

Le Close-up.

Now my hair, that's another story. As you may have found out by now I don't bother with styling, so this is just a two minute up-do that I do to my old twist outs. 

I grab a scarf and tie up the back, leaving the front hanging out. Super simple.

You can also find L'oreal, Maybelline, and Victoria Secrets (I detest VS lip glosses with a passion, urghh...) at the Valley Arcade pharmacy. I made off with my Revlon and two Maybellines (730/- a pop) and I will be back for more, to support my habit. I have seen these brands at other areas in Nairobi, but this is the cheapest drug store thus far. I know The Junction has a few outlets that sell Revlon, but they were at about 1500/- ain't nobody got time for that... 

My shameful stash as found in various hand bags and clutches... I have a serious problem.

Do you guys know any other hidden areas where I can find cheap glosses here in Nairobi?! If so let me know. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Krista said...

Where can I get the sleek lipgloss, I've been trying to look for it everywhere...

Does yours have mint??

try super duper at green house. they have some that go for 700.

Anonymous said...

the look real swell...but am a lipstick kind of gal

Mary said...

Hey Krista, you can get sleek lip glosses at Uchumi as well as any Super Cosmetics or Beauty Options. Our Price however, has the largest variety of Sleek products thus far, so you should definitely start there. None of my Sleek pout polish lip stains have any mint sadly! I got them from Super Cosmetics at 595/-

Oi, and where is super duper? I would like to visit it!

Mary said...

Hola Anon, thanks! I love me some lipstick as well! I'm a lip girl I suppose. I find glosses more forgiving for busy days as I usually have to be careful and vigilant with my lipstick application. I can follow up with a lipstick post if you like!

Sue said...

The hairstyle is carefree and fun. And somehow I found this funny "....I will be back for more, to support my habit"...:)
I like that Covergirl glosses are affordable but find them too shiny,usually try to tone it down which defeats the purpose of course. You can also try some of the lipstains, have one which is also quite pigmented (can't remember the shade), but also tends to smudge a little.

Patricia Kihoro said...

Jaissusss! You have a problem. You do.


I have A (One) tube of Body Shop Gloss and two lip balms, Body Shop and H&M.

Is all.

Ok. Bye.....

Real Hustler! said...

Serious problem, but with such lips you can be excused.

Mary said...

LOL! Heya Ms. Kihoro, yes it's a thing... I need LGAA (lip gloss addicts anonymous)!

Happy New Year btw!

Mary said...

Thanks lol... I will try to finish my stash before any other major purchase... No promises tho!

Deedee said...

The Greenhouse...the building that architects hate or don't understand and that is right before Adams

Deedee said...

its right before the Greenhouse

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