Colour me Burgundy Take Two!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Following up on the Colour Me Burgundy post, I was tasked with writing a review of the temporary hair colour product, see picture below! 

So being the clumsy bunny that I am, I pleaded with Mary to apply the colour for me. Armed with an unloved Khanga we sprayed the colour on a couple of times until we got the desired hue and let it dry. This colour gets on everything, so make sure to keep all your beloved things far, far away!

The smell is kinda weird as well, kinda perfumey with a nail polishy smell! 

Washing off the colour was easy, I just co-washed and rinsed my hair twice and it was all off. However be warned, the colour kinda flakes so after spending the afternoon with Mary I went home, looked in the mirror and my forehead was Burgundy! 

Its a great way to change your look temporarily. We shall look into where you can get this particular spray or any others and keep you posted. 

Any of you use temporary colour? If you do what brands do you use and where can a girl get some?

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Gloss: Bordeaux

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hey there,

I love my lip gloss, like Nyachomba loves her mascara. If there's one thing I cannot leave the house without its a tube of lip gloss... and a spare. 

My go-to lip glosses of choice that I find affordable and simply fantastic are Maybelline, Revlon and Cover Girl - in that order. I usually stock up when I get to travel, or send a friend to bring me a pile whenever possible. HOWEVER! I recently found a pharmacy that stores both Maybelline and Revlon lip glosses at UNDER 1000 shillings. Woop woop!

Up top is my old tube that I replaced with the Revlon ColourBurst - Bordeaux
Found at Medlab (name?) Pharmacy at Valley Arcade: for Kshs. 850/- Go there... Now.

My new Bordeaux is the heavily pigmented swab to your left. This stuff is like super pigmented! LOVE  
The swab to the right is my old Super Lustrous - Mauve.

Le Application.

Le Self-admiration

Le Close-up.

Now my hair, that's another story. As you may have found out by now I don't bother with styling, so this is just a two minute up-do that I do to my old twist outs. 

I grab a scarf and tie up the back, leaving the front hanging out. Super simple.

You can also find L'oreal, Maybelline, and Victoria Secrets (I detest VS lip glosses with a passion, urghh...) at the Valley Arcade pharmacy. I made off with my Revlon and two Maybellines (730/- a pop) and I will be back for more, to support my habit. I have seen these brands at other areas in Nairobi, but this is the cheapest drug store thus far. I know The Junction has a few outlets that sell Revlon, but they were at about 1500/- ain't nobody got time for that... 

My shameful stash as found in various hand bags and clutches... I have a serious problem.

Do you guys know any other hidden areas where I can find cheap glosses here in Nairobi?! If so let me know. 

Thanks for stopping by!


New Cut and Products

Monday, January 28, 2013

As you guys know I cut my hair and then got scissor happy and cut some more. After falling in love with my hair shears, I am now at a length I am happy with.

I am not really sticking to any regimen rather listening to my hair and if its feeling dry I Deep Condition with Natural Yogurt mixed with Coconut oil and leave it in for about 45mins I am alternating between Herbal essences hello hydration and Alba Natural Hawaiian Conditioner ( Gloss Boss Honeydew) as my leave in conditioners and use the  Alba Soft Hold Styling Cream as my styler of choice ( See pictures below). I got both of these from Healthy U at Sarit Centre, you can see the prices in the picture. They are quite pricey but I wanted to find out if sulphate free all natural products make a difference to your hair....the experiment shall be blogged about soon enough.

I have been wearing my hair in a wash n go most of the time and re-moisturising every morning and evening with plain ol water. I wake up with some serious flat hair.

So far so good! I am loving the cut and it is pretty low maintenance……will share more in due course.

What are you guys doing with your hair this week?

Henna for the Win! 2013 Edition

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hey y'all,

Just wanted to fill you in with a quick post on my recent henna application. Can you believe I hadn't put in any henna on my hair for over 8 months! With no other reason than pure and unadulterated laziness.  

My hair sans henna. (Well, semi sans, you can still see the end bits with trace henna)

After application. Close up.... Have I ever told you how much I detest the feel of henna against my skin? Truly and insanely so.

Henna does NOTHING to my curl pattern... Zilch! Nada! Absolutely nothing! I got that strong curl *Awww yeah* 

Annnnd... After henna!

So, why the sudden rebirth of zeal for henna you might ask? Well, I want to come up with a new regimen and as I do that, I will go back to the drawing board with products and routines as well as new stuff that I come across. Henna is the first product up.

If you are interested in my mix it was super simple:
  1. Boil three tea bags in water until the tea is black and super strong - about a litre if you want to get specific. I like teabags because they are easier to work with moreover tea leaves.
  2. Mix the strong brew with henna in a bowl, adding the tea and henna in small portions to prevent lumps. (I use a whole packet of Nurpur Mehendi Henna) Whip it to a fine lump-free thick paste (not runny). 
  3. Add Extra Virgin Olive Oil - about three tablespoons worth.
  4. And if you want that added colour (I did this time around) add about a teaspoonful of citric acid! I tell you this works like a charm in releasing the henna dye!
  5. Let the mixture sit for as long as you like, the more time the better. I made my mix the night before my morning application.
I have the henna paste on my hair for about a whole day. Thereafter I rinse it out and do a simple moisture rich conditioner DC. This DC can sit on my head for up to an hour.

Et voila! 

Are any of you on the Henna Train or thinking about hopping on board? If so let me know. Also feel free to ask me any questions should you have any.

Speak in a bit. x

Bootleg Makeup: Yes or Hell Naw?

Monday, January 14, 2013

We got the following email from one of our favourite ladies, SugarPuss 

Hey girls,

The meet up was awesome! I've been going on about it to all my friends, making them green, next time they all say. Loved the theme, Nairobi truly has some gorgeous women.

The make-up demos were good though there was something Wacuka said about some make-up products being fake. There are reputable stores that sell genuine MAC products i.e Lyntons Pharmacy, Lyntons at junction....ofcourse Mac don't have distribution networks in Kenya which to them translates to, they must be selling fake mac. What Lyntons do is actually ship them themselves kind of like how Kenyans from diaspora buy mac from abroad and bring them here, which makes them real expensive (ksh. 6,500 for studio fix powder) but not fake.

Also, recently, there has been an influx of MAC products in the market...they look exactly like the real deal, down to the packaging, only a real pro would tell them apart. They are fake but not harmful, infact they have a range of lipsticks which are amazing, pastels and corals, together with their lipgloss...lasts for hours and are not drying. Their blushes are good too, makes you look like a carribean princess. And I'm sorry to say, their studio finish powders set better then actual mac so you don't need to use a primer. They look better than the real deal and so much cheaper yoh it's a crime. I'm in contact with lots of suppliers in my line of work and the word is, these products are made by former mac employees, kinda like our Suzy Beauty, and instead of marketing their own brand, decided to ride on a known brand, very unethical and illegal. 

Personally, I don't have any guilt buying the "fake" Mac, because these product companies have not made any efforts to avail their products to the dark continent and don't care. Why should I care for their business, clearly am not their intended market. 

I have very sensitive skin that requires me to have monthly facials, have a face product artillery that would shame cleopatra's yet I have used the powder, lippy and blush for 2 months now without complaint or breaking my bank ( 1k for everything...shit just got real)...I'm done importing, decided to look local. At least the fakers appreciate the market here and avail a whole bunch or great products and contrary to popular belief, these suppliers know their market and are honestly making an effort to fill the gap with quality and affordable stuff. They are not river road gap-toothed salesmen with dollar signs in their eyes - although they are located on river road:) - they ask for consumer feedbacks from clients and local stores so they can bring in quality and relevant.

Same way the natural hair movement made the big companies start providing for their needs, us Africans need to make noise and have the local and international manufacturers provide for us!! 

I once wrote to a Mary Kay rep complaining that there was mary kay fakes in the market which are seriously harming people - zits that make u look like u shave. Do u know she replied back and said, we don't have a distribution network in Africa and yes there are reports that expired products are finding their way down there (read-they dump their expired goods here) so just find a way to buy from treasured did I feel *sarcasm*

Sorry for the long rant, got a little carried away :) anyway, not to discredit Wacuka coz she's right and sh**, but y'all need to know.


We think that Sugarpuss has made some rather valid points (see bolded). We must admit that we have never ventured into the fake MAC products but have done what the thousands of Kenyan women do, send relatives into various duty free and MAC stores abroad. Do any of you use any of the fake MAC products (no shame in saying so)? If you do, how have they worked for you and would you recommend them?

Enjoy the week Ladies!

Stroke of Midnight! NYE 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Our NYE 2013 was rather Cinderella like..except unlike Cinderella we still maintained our fabulous outfits. 

By 4pm on the 31st of December, none of us had decided on what we were doing for NYE until we heard that there was a intimate gathering read PARTAAY! taking place at our new favourite place, The Sierra Lounge. Outfits at the ready, we hopped on to Sierra. We got there at about 10.30pm, however the party was rather too quiet for us. At 11.40 we then dashed to Mercury Lounge on Waiyaki way...crossing over from Yaya Centre to Waiyaki way with only 20 mins to spare was rather humorous (dodging potholes, singing to Prince and hunting for parking)...we did make it by 12pm and a Happy New Year its turning out to be!

Happy New Year Folks!What were you guys upto for New Years Eve?

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