This girl is CRAZY! How to possibly get your hands on $500

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

We got an email from Heather from Neno Natural  asking us to promote her $500 giveaway! Immediately we were already planning on how we would would spend the $500 if we won...ankle boots anyone! Yes! the giveaway is open to anyone in the world. 

Kurlies, go to this page, and enter!

Ain't No Party Like a Klassy Kurly Party!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

This could have come up waaaay earlier - we agree. But hey! No time like the present right?!
We would like to give a warm thank you to the lovely Miss Klassy Kinks (Ijeoma) herself and a huge welcome back to Nairobi any old time... 

And thank you to all the beautiful women who graced us with their presence, amazing stories and laughs. You are all so fab, and we cannot wait to have another shindig with y'all!

For those of you who missed it, here be pictures! We will be sure to host more of these more often...

African Naturals ROCK!

Peace and love... 

A Klassy Kurly Affair

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It’s not very often we get a guest international blogger to visit us. That's why we were ever so excited when the lovely miss Klassy Kinks  Ijeoma reached out to us, informing us of her planned visit to Kenya and her desire to meet and talk to the Kenyan natural community!

That said, we are planning an intimate social gathering of sorts where a few of Nairobi’s naturals can meet up for a light afternoon of yummy food and lots of hair talk.

So if you’re free this coming Saturday, we would love to have you join us. It's all about coming together for a light meal and pleasant natural hair banter. A sharing of the minds if you will!

If you would like to join us, send us an email to to RSVP. Unfortunately space is limited, so book you spot as soon as you are able and we'll send you the details thereafter. RSVP's close on Wednesday the 21st 6.00 PM.

Looking forward to seeing you there

WE'RE BACK! While We Were Away...

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hello all you beautiful creatures!

Today is the first day of August 2013, and our first blog post in what feels like a lifetime. Well, here it is, and here WE are! Finally, right.... And we've brought our new blogging agenda!

So about our absenteeism, trust me when I say it's not from lack of trying. We would get to work every morning, hook up online via chat and begin our we-really-should-post-something-today ritual. It went something like this:

Mary: Ayyyy gurrrl what's good!
Nyachomba: Sup mami!
Mary: Just got in, having my green tea. What's up!
Nyachomba: Coffee and runners high from yesterdays run, feeling gooooood!
Mary: Awesome awesome..  
Mary: OH so I am having the most awesome hair day today, that hair butter you whipped up works like Hogwarts magic! OMG 
Nyachomba: Lol! Your're welcome! Pics?!!! 
Nyachomba: You should do a quickie post...
Mary: Yeah... 
Nyachomba: Yeah...

Ten minutes later

Mary: Check out this YouTube vid, it's hilarious! (link)
Nyachomba: On it!!!!

And that's EXACTLY how it's been this past couple of weeks. True story.

We sat down the other day and decided to figure this slump out. After a few hours of brutal honesty and some red wine, herein lie our findings and resolutions:

1. We Are Horribly SHY .... and Private. 
Now I know what you're going to ask; then why did you start a blog?? yeah chill out and listen. We started the blog for ourselves initially; we wanted to document our natural hair journey and in the process, put our findings out there for anyone who would care to listen. Fast forward into the future, well hey! They like us, they really like us! (And we are so grateful to each of you who take the time to stop in and listen to our ramblings... we heart you!) More hair posts coming up lovelies.

We're shy... painfully shy

2. With Great Followers, Comes Great Responsibility.
Now bloggin' aint easy. Especially if you are worried about what your followers think (defeated shrug) and if you have a fulltime job! We reached a point where blogging became mechanic. We stopped blogging about the stuff we cared for and focused on hair stuff (by request), which, to be honest, felt like a chore. So we have decided to pick up on talking about our passions, fitness and current interests for your reading enjoyment. You're welcome.

We're super excited!! 

3. Sharing is Caring.
We love sharing information on the latest natural hair technique, products, hairstyles but we also encourage you guys to go on and share your findings and stories from time to time! That's why we love doing features; it's important for women to understand that people have different approaches to their hair care regimens. We are but two in a sea of many! There's so much we can learn from one another... Group hug? Anyone? Oh ok. We feel that so many people are reliant on second-hand information rather than going out and experimenting , which is sad and breaks our heart! Ladies go out and have a blast trying out various products, techniques and even hair dressers!

funny adventure time hug gif

4. Style Vs. Fashion - Our Take.
Here's a secret for you; we are not the least bit fashionable. We hardly bother with fashion trends and, on occasion, have been called hippies/ flower-children/ afrohemians. But what we lack in fashion, we make up in amazing style. Nope, not a trace of modesty to be found... So! In a bid to rid ourselves of our hyper-shyness, we will post up on more on this for your judgement. Look out for our DIY tips, make up and all!

Yeah we like that....

5. We are Incredibly Silly and Like It.
We reviewed the blog, and found that our silliness dropped by a staggering 99.9% in line with our robotic posts. This will change; we're turning up the silly factor in here. Life's too short y'all.

*giggling uncontrollably*

So that's it. We do apologize for the silence, but man we needed it.

Catch you later doll

Natural Hair Focus Group #1

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hello gorgeous,

A couple of nights ago, we attended a focus group; the agenda - natural hair of course. The night was perfect... drinks, amazing company and hair talk... A lot of hair talk!

What started out as a fact finding mission conducted by the good people of L'Oreal, quickly turned into a share group! No topic was out of bounds... From personal experiences and struggles with natural hair - both hilarious and touching - to life as Kenyan women combating societies false perception of beauty. The phrase of the night was this:

"This is a safe space; there is no judgement here."

We hope we were of assistance to our lovely hosts, thank you again for having us.

Special shout out to the wonderful women who made it happen! 

Natural Hair Feature: Irene Odipo Loderick

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Good Thursday Ladies! Here's another HOT natural hair feature courtesy of Vlogger Ms. Irene. Have a look at her divine curls and read up on her journey to natural. 

Hi all!!!!My name is Irene Odipo Loderick, I am thirty six years old and have been fully natural for four years. My decision to go fully natural was simply because I did not want to be yet another weaved up clone walking down the street! All black women were really starting to look too much alike and the world seemed saturated by seemingly the same weave or wig plastered on peoples heads! I just wanted to break free from the ‘Norm’ and so I chose to go natural.

To be honest, I had worn weaves throughout my twenties but the hair underneath was always natural but quite neglected and not taken care of. I had to relax my hair in the front so that my hair could nicely blend in with the weave so I would  not be ‘Curly Africa’ in the front of my head and ‘Silky India’ in the back! Once I stopped wearing weaves, I started to take better care of my hair and grow out the relaxed front .The whole going natural thing for me was truly a learning experience because to begin with, I did everything WRONG!!!I could not properly moisturise and seal my hair to save my dear life. 

I would wash my hair loose, properly scrub it and after getting it nicely tangled up and knotted, rub it vigorously dry with a towel, and then slather on some coconut oil to ‘Seal’ in my moisture. After committing all these atrocities, i would then pile my hair into a bun in which it stayed for about two weeks without refreshing my moisture or sealing! GASP!!!

I have since come a long way in my journey, and have learned a lot! Of course I don’t know it all still but am really enjoying this time that am using to develop a healthy relationship with my hair. I recently started my YouTube Channel where I share hair care tips as well as ideas for imaginative natural hair styling. Please find me on:   Please do stop by and subscribe so that we may enjoy this journey together!

Special thanks to the lovely Ms. Irene!

Are you natural and proud! Share your unique natural hair journey with us and let the world discover your natural beauty. Email us at and send us high resolution pictures for the post!

Natural Hair Feature: Hawanatu

Monday, June 24, 2013

Hello Kurlies, we have another wonderful natural haired goddess to introduce you to today; her name is Hawanatu. Take a look at her amazing natural hair! Enjoy the read xo

Hi! My name is Hawanatu and I am originally from Sierra Leone, West Africa!! I am currently studying in the south of France. 

How long have you been natural? Why did you decide to go natural and what influenced you?

I had my last relaxer in January 2011. It was the worst relaxer process I have ever experienced. My scalp got burnt and wounded. Several weeks after my relaxer I came across a documentary produced by Chris Rock called “good hair”. The documentary reveals the dangers and health problems one could get from using relaxers. I was so terrified about even putting another relaxer on my hair. I started doing research on how to properly take care of black hair. I came across so many beautiful black women on YouTube with amazing, luscious and healthy  long hair. I was so inspired and motivated about taking good care of my own hair. So I just stopped relaxing my hair and I have been natural for two years now. 

What reactions have you gotten from your friends and family about your natural hair?
Honestly everyone loves my natural hair. They don’t throw shade or give me any negative looks. The only tiny problem I had was with my Dad. He was sort of angry about the fact that I chopped off my long damaged relaxed hair. He gets it now because my natural hair is so much healthier and stronger. Other than that I usually receive a lot of complement from people.

What products do you currently use?

I am a product junkie! For my pre poo treatment, I use olive oil and coconut oil. I then shampoo with cream of nature coconut and sunflower.  It smells amazing!! I deep condition my hair with Shea moisture, herbal essence, curls and organic root stimulator hair mayonnaise. I experiment a lot with conditioners because I still haven’t found the one. After deep conditioning my hair I use curls milkshake moisturizer as a leave in. finally I seal my hair with my Shea butter concoction. The Shea butter concoction is homemade. 

What are your natural hair goals?
I have already reached a point where my hair is really healthy so my goal is to reach waist length by 2015.

What styles do your wear most of the time?
It depends on the time of the year. During the winter period I wear a lot of buns, twist and braids. This is mainly to prevent my hair from rubbing against my coat. In the summer time I wear a lot of braid outs. This is to give my and scalp a break from all the braiding. I don’t do a lot of styles on my hair. I keep it very simple. 

What is the best thing about being natural?
I enjoy the versatility!! I can wear curly, straight; fro and braids.  My natural hair enables me to stand out from the crowd. Many black girls in France are trying to blend in the Eurocentric standard of beauty. I deviate from that because I am a leader and not a follower.

What advice would you give someone who recently went natural or who is transitioning?
Do your own research and find out what works for you. Experiment with lot of product and see what ingredients your hair like. For example; some people hate products with cone but they work perfectly for me. Try to develop a regimen that you will stick to. Lastly, be patient with your hair. Don’t be doing length check every week or comparing your hair with another girls hair. We all have different DNAs hence our hair grows at different rates. Enjoy it because it is an amazing journey!

 If there's anything else you would like to add, go right ahead!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity. I also want to thank you for spreading the gospel of natural hair. Keep up the good work!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Its been rather quiet around here, sigh! Nyachomba was off on assignment in Isiolo and she is back with some pictures taken during her trip.

 The sighting of these flowers means that rain is about to fall ( Oldonyiro)
 Kinna ( Right on the border of Meru National Park)
 Beaches of Ewaso Nyiro River (Merti)
The Ewaso Nyiro River running through Merti
More posts coming soon :-)

Natural Hair Feature: Alberta on "Relaxed Hair Nazis"

Friday, June 14, 2013

Hey Kurlies, today we would like to introduce you to the lovely Alberta, a proud natural who has a tale to tell about her experience with going natural in Kenya... It's an interesting read, so dive right in! 

Natural hair is still weird in Kenya. When I got the big chop, everyone around me was super shocked. I was nervous too but it was more than a change of hairstyle for me. I had spent over KES 12,000 on salon visits in 2012, KES 4000 on two tricologist appointments and easily KES 10,000 plus on MSM, Biotin and Silica supplements (that were fantastic on my nails but worthless for my attempt at trying to maintain the kind of damage I had), avocado oil, almond oil, mustard oil, the entire motions hair care line, Suave, Tresemme- I was tired!!!!!

August Hair

I look back and cringe at the kind of money I spent on 8 inches of hair (my 7 year retention 4” of which were splits). As a college student by that time, there was no way I could continue to justify that kind of extravagance. I wanted to save my money and move on (When your hairdresser calls you every three days to remind you of an appointment - you are clearly throwing money away).

My journey in the world of natural prejudice begun the day I cut off all that relaxer.  I walked out of the barber chair with my cute dress, top fade and button earrings to the frantic yells of the salon girls next door  that I should get a ‘curly kit’ and a color treatment and that natural hair did not look well on me.  I looked at them and it hit me that I had never ever seen my hairdressers’ hair - except under weave and here she was trying to bully me into a style she wanted to sell me.

Big Chop

My boyfriend hated it so I gave him the relaxed hair I had saved from the barbers in a nice polythene bag and told him to keep it. He never mentioned my hair again for a year after my big chop- until he started to love it.

I was glad I had cut it then. Money was tight. My grandma had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and she was frequently on diapers and drugged up. My natural hair gave me more time to spend with her on her last days without resenting or worrying about already broken hair. I could hold her and sit by her and feed her and for some strange reason with relaxed hair, I would have stolen some of those moments to waste away at the salon.

Well, I was going to be the recipient of many, and I mean constant, numerous; crappy, mean comments from often relaxed women about the look and state of my natural hair. I was going to have random hands shoved into my head (a habit/ culture I notice now that I am relaxed); women wondering out loud about why I don’t relax my hair and if my decision to not relax is financial; a woman with traction alopecia and broken ends lectured me once on 'lady like hair' or when a dreadlocked lady came to tell me that my roll and tucks and my twists were unappealing and tried to bully me into locks or a relaxer at the age of 22 no less....well...the bad manners persists- like on my grand ma's funeral ...I’m upset and everything when this grown woman starts to grill me on why my afro isn't perfectly spherical- and all I could think was “Have I been Naswad?” Clearly I was mourning and this strange woman had the gall to ask me what is I would do to my hair for the funeral and go further to recommend a salon. I was stunned.

I get so frustrated when African women act as if natural hair, shrinkage, multiple textures and kinks is alien to them and yet unlike in America, almost every Kenyan woman has been natural at some prolonged point in time like in primary school or in high school so I can’t begin to understand how an honest woman would try to punk me into an impression-that she was born with a relaxer. How do you try to reconcile that someone would imagine especially at this age that one is obliged to explain their natural tresses in response to ignorant or clearly rude questions that only little kids may ask.

From the Big Chop up to a Year

I get that natural Nazis exist but relaxed Nazis are the mainstream here and they drive me crazy with abject misery. Imagine me at a salon screaming "Get a grip! It’s free and you should be going green (in reference to natural hair and the act of relaxing). How dare you pollute my environment you jerk! Do you want to have cancer? And if they proceed with the relaxer session, suppose I shouted I hope you do get abundant fibroids or perhaps poly-cystic ovarian syndrome.”

I’d probably be lynched for sure. So for now, let me join the tired ranks of the ‘maids’ (stereotype), broke folks (I'm not going to be spending that kind of money on hair) and the cool, brave eclectics and natural hair enthusiasts and say... “When you see my hair, don’t touch and if you don’t have anything positive to say…Well, ain’t nobody got time for that boo”

From me. Alberta, Thank you.”

Special thanks to Alberta. You are the picture of natural beauty with your proud mane... 

What do you think ladies, have you gone through similar experiences? Let us know in the comment section below.

Would you like to share your natural hair journey, horror stories, musings or frustrations!? Email us at, we'd love to hear your story.

So I Cut my Hair... Again. And I Ran 10KM this Morning!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Life is good! 

So by now you know that Nyachomba and I are scissor-happy (what, it's just hair, it'll grow back). I wasn't in love with my hair and I needed a change, so I decided to get it into 'shape'. 

 I chopped off about 3 inches off the back and sides, and 2 inches off the top and front.

My hair isn't the only thing that's getting into shape!

Early today morning, I woke up before the dawn, put on my sneakers, grabbed my iPod and marched out the door. I ran my heart out.. 1 hour and 4 minutes of freedom.

And it was brilliant.

I live to run,

So I'm going to post quite a bit about my running. Sorry, I'm not sorry. 

I've missed you guys. 

Poor Man's Clarisonic

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

In this recent post, we mentioned that we were on that fabled quest to achieve perfect skin. This is quest is almost as windy as a trip to Mordor but hey ho!

We promised to review a little brush that has made huge changes to the texture of our skin and banished all spots except the one mother nature sends every month, you cannot have it all!

The little brush in all its glory!

This round brush can be used with cleansers, facial washes and exfoliators.
  • Enhances cleansing
  • Shaped to follow facial contours
What we think

We love this brush! This brush get all the gunk out ( as a girl living in Nairobi, you cannot escape the pollution and dust) and leaves your face feeling oh so smooth! We have craters for pores and this brush gets right in there and pulls everything out. So far Winning!

How do we use it?The brush works well with both soap bars and liquid facial washes, we use the ones below i.e. Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleaning Facial Wash and the super cheap and efficient Dove Beauty Bar. You basically pour some facial wash onto the brush or rub the brush on the soap, wet your face then rub the brush in circles on your face. You should gently rub it around your face for about two minutes. Once you are done, rinse your face and the brush then apply your moisturiser of choice. We use the brush 2-3 times a week, using it too often can be overkill!

If you would like a video showing how we use the brush..just leave a comment in the box! What skincare products or tips are you guys using to get the fabled perfect skin?

A treat for the lips

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mary and I absolutely love lip products....lipstick, lipgloss, them and we love em! You can view our obsession here and here. Sometimes though, a girl just needs a simple product that keeps your lips looking shiny and moisturised.

We are currently obsessing over the new Nivea Lip Butters, you cannot pass by any supermarket cashiers without spotting these beauties. Take the plunge and spend the Kshs 300 on these babies, they are super! With ingredients like Shea butter, Castor seed oil and Sweet Almond oil, they definitely are a treat for the lips.

What lip products are you guys loving at the moment?

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