Kurls & Kocktails: Touching Base

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hey there good lookin'!

Y'all don't even know.... We are SUPER psyched for the upcoming cocktail and natural hair mixer. We already have our list of attendants tipping on the max, but at your request we have extended the deadline. So guys, now is the time to book your spot. In case you haven't the details are below. Cut off date is Thursday the 13th 6.00PM.
Simply send your 1000/- cover charge via MPESA to 0700 821036
As soon as you do, you will receive a confirmation message from us and we will jot down your details and book your spot. 
NB: The 1000/- will cover food, however, drinks will be on a cash bar basis (but reasonably priced). The Venue: Sierra Lounge (2nd Floor Yaya Center), Date: Saturday the 15th, doors open at 7PM. Dress code is tres chic.
Ladies, you were spot on with the venue choice.

For those of you who are new to the concept of meetups, allow me to explain; natural hair meetups are special events where naturals and non-naturals alike meet to interact and talk all things natural hair. Chock full of kinks and curls, we get together to exchange products, tips and tricks and sometimes an invited guest will also speak (watch this space). 

Be prepared for hair care demonstrations and product reviews by the ladies of Kurly Kichana, make up tips and tricks courtesy of The Bella Nubian and Tricia's Naturals, as well as a talk and presentation by the lovely Patricia Kihoro... but wait, there's more!

YOU guys, have some work to do as well. As earlier mentioned, we will be holding a product swap. As naturals, there isn't one of us who hasn't bought that one hair care product that didn't quite gel well (pardon the pun) with our hair. Well you know what they say! One man's meat right - product swaps give you the chance to get rid of that almost perfectly new product and exchange it for one of your liking! 

The Product Swap Rules: 
  1. Each of us has to carry at least one natural hair product! 
  2. The product must be natural hair friendly. Confused? Comment and we will chime in.
  3. The product must be new and/ or semi-brand new.
  4. We will play nice! No grabby hands.
The cocktail will be a great opportunity for all of you to network and make some fabulous new friends! So be sure to carry your business cards if you so please.

Prize Give-aways
We have amazing prize give-aways in store for you guys! You might be the lucky lady who scores a natural hair gift bag full of our favourite products as well as amazing-custom made hair jewels courtesy of Njuhi Chege; the beauty and brains behind ririjewellery. More info on all this will be coming your way.

So! We can't wait to see you there...

Love, as always!
curly-natural-me said...

I'm so looking forward to this, I attended the 1st meet-up & I can't wait to see how #teamnatural has grown!.....So, random question, coz I'm not sure which other forum to ask...Do stokings still go with peep toe stilettos or was that last year? Lol:-)

Nyachomba said...

We look forward to seeing you there :-) Ummm we are not fans of the whole tights/stocking/pantyhose with peep toes but each to their own. Fashion has no rules! Rock it and Run with it :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun, wish i could attend but im all the way in the states :-(

Anonymous said...

Ladies, great choice on the venue! very classy nice bitings, atmosphere spot on..........now we wait for the pics......

Nyachomba said...

Pics are coming! they are huge hence it will take some time to upload...but they look fab so far

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