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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So us Kurly Kichana girls are super excited today... 

Tonight is the night we have been waiting for for oh so long: the Erykah Badu concert! This is the single most epic night of nights for us! We hope you will be there - we won't be hard to spot; just look for the two girls weeping frantically (that ugly cry) and singing along to each and every song! I am not one for speculation, but chances are we might (at a moment of pure deranged ecstasy) make a mad dash for Erykah and try to touch her... But that's neither here nor there...

You guuuuuuuys!!! SHE'S HERE!


*Wipes tears of joy*

*Rocks back and forth repeatedly in a corner humming "Didn't cha know"*

*Questions my sexuality*

Will you be there?? COMMENT AND LET US KNOW!

Wanjeri said...

It would be lovely if you credited the pictures to UP dearies :)

Mary said...

It's waiting right there under the last sentence :)
hit source

Maureen Mwaura said...

Will be there

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