Badu Africa 12/12/12

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Well my name is Erykah Badu, also known as Low Down Loretta Brown, Analog Girl in a Digital World, Fat Belly Bella, Medulla Oblongata, Maria Mexico, Annie, She-Ill"
Erykah Badu - Tusker Lite Experience Concert

So the Badu concert was the singular most epic night of our young existences to date. Not only did she KILL it on stage; she got right into our souls and evoked feelings and emotions that we didn't even know we had! She beat-boxed, she danced, she rapped, she harmonized, she swayed her hips to the beat and most importantly she sang her heart out for us. She was brilliant.

Nyachomba touching up before!

Mary's garb of choice... Grunge.

We secured our positions front and centre by the stage! So we got the see the whole thing live and up close; and we didn't budge. 

Our Queen.

We got to make eye-contact with Erykah. I swooned!

Our pictures don't show it, but Ms. Badu has the most bangin' body.

Her band and back up vocalists (including sister Nayrok) performed to perfection.

We screamed and sang along to each track - her lyrics are forever etched into our minds. She reached out to us in the crowd and we got to touch her!!!
Best. Night. EVER.
Anonymous said...

This was an awesome concert...Nyamchomba, I love your earrings :) :) so where can I buy a pair or two?

Nyachomba said...

Hi! I got the earrings in the UK from Topshop

Anonymous said...

OMG!! you guyz are just too fabulous and stylish!!!! please post more pictures........Ooh! yeah, badu is great too lol

Filomena Mairosse said...

Look at Durand back there in his yellow glasses! I didnt know he was gonna be touring with the queen this time as well! Wish I could have been there!

pHenomenalhairstylist said...

Thanks for sharing! I love Erykah Badu! You captured her energy well in this article!

Peps said...

Mary i love that outfit!! .... very BADU!! Both your hairs ROCK!!

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