Queen Badu Coming to Kenya: Fangirl Post

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We are going to start this post letting all of you know that the ladies of Kurly Kichana are hands down, the Ultimate... Devoted... Erykah Badu Fangirls in the planet. Past fandom posts are here and here!

We would drink her bath water. Sorry, I'm not sorry. 

When we heard she might be coming to Kenya, (should this event not take place, anarchy will be let loose on the streets of Nairobi, delivered by the hand of the KK girls) we suffered mild joy-inflicted aneurysms. 

As tribute to Ms. Badu, we welcome you to enjoy this post of her divine imagery and some of her magical tracks for your musical enjoyment.

You are welcome.

Coming to Africa! KENYA


slimmcharles: trevaa:
She is Perfection.

As a natural hair icon, this is one of my favourite looks on her.

Her individualistic style is simply sick.

Can you feel it? She's mesmerizing you with her hazel eyes. Don't fight it.

Now... For some choice tracks!

The ever controversial 'Window Seat'

'Other Side of the Game' Featuring Andre 3000

'Four Leaf Clover'

'Next Lifetime'

'Out of  My Mind, Just in Time'

Where were you when you heard Ms. Badu was coming to Kenya? 

Mary: "I was in a staff meeting and my sister sent me a text. I had to excuse myself so that I could go cry silently in the ladies room."

Nyachomba: "I was in my new flat on Twitter at 7am on Sunday Morning, shock, disbelief tears of joy said it all...Badu in Kenya!"


Watch this! Gotta love Ms Badu
What about you guys? Let us know!
Evalyn Githina said...

Specifics needed ASAP....I cannot handle the suspense.

Mary said...

Here you go:


BellaNubian said...

I was on a shoot tired as hell when my sister called to tell me...my spirit was lifted and tiredness fled!!!!!!!!! so excited can't wait to see her!!!

Tia said...

You are going to love the show! I went to my first one for my birthday last year and I never sat down. I was so hoarse from singing along. She really puts on a good show. Have fun! I can't wait to see her again. She was recently 30 mins down the street from me but I had other plans and couldn't attend :(

Zoe said...


I noticed this website has really great ides for protective styles. Hope you guys like it.

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