Natural Hair Feature: Wacuka Thimba

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hello gorgeous,

We would love to introduce you to the lovely Ms. Wacuka Thimba; natural hair goddess and makeup artiste! You can get to know more about Wacuka's natural hair journey by visiting her blog; for more on her work as a talented makeup artist she has an awesome facebook page that you should really take a look at! 

Enjoy the read!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm a freelance makeup artist and natural hair blogger but mostly I'm a mum to to gorgeous kids 

2. How long have you been natural?When did you decide to go natural and what influenced you?

I actually bc'd in 210 out of frustration and a not so good emotional situation. Went to the barber  and just cut it off...used to wash it and condition and go and then cut was so dry and the curls would only pop when wet..then my sister came for your last meet up and told me she had learned new things about natural hair and that I should research it and I did and here I am with longer healthier hair

3. What reactions have you gotten from your friends and family about your natural hair?

Well my hair is quite curly so I get the your lucky you have good hair and kimira hair so  its good your hair is natural

4. What products do you currently use?

I use a sulphate free shampoo my friend got me from Ethiopia, conditioner at the moment is Alberto Balsam strawberries and cream, make my own leave in and DC's and moisturise with Organics Kids Shea Butter moisturiser and seal with Castor oil, I usually pre poo with olive oil or coconut oil 

5. What are your natural hair goals?

I want length but most of all I want hair that doesn't break and shed so much!! in other words healthy hair 

6. What styles do your wear most of the time?

wash n go's, twist outs and braid outs that still look like my wash n go's and puffs 

 7. What is the best thing about being natural?

The versatility of my hair I can do so much,  I feel more myself and more aware of myself and being knowledgeable about different haircare techniques and now I can even do my daughters hair

8. What advice would you give someone who recently went natural or who is transitioning? 

Be patient, research research on You Tube(Your Tube for President ;)) blogs and mostly don't give up Its a trip but so worth it in the long run

Kenyan Kurlies, if you would like to get a chance to meet Wacuka, you will be pleased to note that she will be co-hosting the upcoming Natural Hair Meetup! More on that, coming right up!

Thanks for reading!

UmiG said...

I just wanted to provide the link to Wacuka's blog, which I didn't find in this post (maybe I read too quickly?):

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