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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Well hello there,

This morning I decided to go on a delete forever rampage on my laptop. In the process I stumbled upon a picture folder - you know the DCIM type - so I decided to take a peek at it and see what was inside.

To my delight, I found a picture from my TWA (teeny weeny afro) days, and of course I had to share it with you guys (^.^)

OK, for those of you who don't know this... I have never actually had a perm/ chemically treated hair. I've been natural all my life. The sad twist is however, I always, ALWAYS had my hair harshly straightened prior to embarking on the sweet natural life. As you can imagine, all the years of harsh blow drys left my hair limp and lifeless and barely able to revert. Fast forward to the night of my BC (big chop); Nyachomba wet my hair and cut off the limp and stringy bits, leaving me with my adorable TWA :)

Early 2010

This was my hair in 2010; the year of the BC. I must make a confession: during that year, I was scissor happy as heck! I was convinced my hair was still thoroughly damaged and that I needed to constantly trim off the ends every other month. I hardly bothered with styling and focused mainly on moisturizing and deep conditioning my hair. I was so focused on attaining "healthy" hair that I failed to realise milestones and accomplishments! I never tracked my hair growth (something I regret actually).

So word of advice Kurlies: Put the scissors down. You need not trim/ dust or snip at your hair so as to achieve "healthy hair". Maintain the basics of natural hair management and practice protective styling. Simple as that, your hair will be healthy. Also, track your hair's progress with photos and note down how it reacts to certain products; this is very important for the newly natural.

End 2010

This was my hair towards the end of 2010 (I imagine)... I thought I looked really cute, I still think so actually.

Mid 2011

2011 was a good year of growth for me. I still had the scissor bug but it was slightly under control  compared to the previous year. I discovered, sadly, that I do not have thick hair. I always thought I had thick hair, but to be honest, my hair is not as densely packed as I had led myself to believe. I also discovered that my hair shrinks and sucks up moisture like a sponge: because of this, I cut down my glycerine usage.

Pro tip: Glycerine giveth and glycerine taketh away. Use it sparingly in your moisturizing hair spritz, because it is a powerful humectant. So powerful in fact that some naturals claim it can suck the moisture out of your OWN hair rather than draw moisture to it. Egad!

End of 2011

It's 2012: I have cut back on some nasty habits and I have embraced protective styling like a way of life. I can't wait to show you my progress thus far and to tell you guys about a few new habits that Nyachomba and I have cultivated. For a sneak peak I can tell you some of them involve going shampoo free, finger detangling, and aryuvedic treatments (to name a few)... I'm in a protective style at the moment, but as soon as that gets old I'll show you my 2012 hair.

How are your natural hair journeys faring thus far? I would appreciate your kind wisdom, questions or sentiments.

Enjoy your day everyone. x
Kenyan Enterpreneur said...

This is so encouraging congratulations on putting the scissors down and putting on the Afro! Love it! Just wish my hair was that thick ! Lol

Masuka M said...

Thanks for this Kurlies. I can relate on so many levels. After two years of being natural, I also came to the realisation that although I had always thought of my hair as very thick, is actually quite fine. I also learned that I can manage just fine without a comb. Like Mary, I also forgot to document much of my journey in pictures. Great post!

evbu said...

awwwww! for some reason this is my best kurly kichana post ever! mary you looked uber cute with a TWA. Today marks my 10 month nappyverssary since my big chop. still learning my hair, accomplished a puff milestone. one thing i have learnt is not to do my hair when i am super tired or angry, makes me handle it roughly due to impatience! must create time to do my hair in relaxed mode. going natural is the best thing i have ever done.

Mary said...

Glad to hear it my dear! Thank you for the lovely comment!

Mary said...

Let the documentation begin! :) congrats on being 2 years natural hun

Mary said...

You are too kind! And congrats on your 10 months and your puff milestone *throws confetti in the air* puffs are so darn reliable. I love them. I have to second you on the who not doing your hair when tired; I learnt the hard way that it ends in breakage and misery every time.. I hope you're taking loads of photos! It's always fun looking back

BellaNubian said...

Wow super wow!!!!! you look sooo cute Love the pics..Its so amazing how well nurtured natural hair grows..can't believe my hair length 9 months after starting my healthy hair journey...

evbu said...

yes i am taking loads of pictures to document my journey. on an unrelated matter....a second natural hair meetup one day in the near future! would love to meet fellow Kenyan naturals!

mary jackie said...

I love your hair, it looks so beautiful and healthy. My natural hair is like 6 months old now, but is kind of hard. Any idea how you can make it a bit softer?

Tricia said...

Thanks Mary for this great post!I have shared it with other Kenyan naturals in my Facebook group Tricia's Naturals. You ladies are all welcome to join please- karibuni sana!:-)We would love to hear your tips and ideas as well as questions unique to our natural hair concerns. :-)

Cosmogirl said...

I actually just mentioned the same tip of documenting your hair journey on my blog! It's really, really helped me keep track of what styles work, which products don't and my hair growth. Some may choose to do it with just pictures, others in a notebook. Either way, it's invaluable. Especially when you're feeling uninspired or that your hair isn't growing, your photos are proof that it is and reminds you how far you've come. And you do look cute with your TWA ;)

Mary said...

Hey Tricia! We will be sure to join the group ASAP! Thanks for your kind words, I blush :)

Mary said...

Coming right up!

Zoe said...


Just found the blog today and I love it love it love it. I was kinda sorta thinking of starting a natural hair blog but now that I found this one I won't. Why build a house when you can just shikilia chuma in someone else's house? I know, sounds shady but yeah.Thanks for the tips and everything. Please have many tips for ladies who are on a budget. I'm on a serious serious budget lol!

My hair was shaved off regularly until past my 18th birthday because I was the one with the 'bad hair' or nywele ngumu in the family. Mum cut it off because she didn't know what to do with it.

I thought relaxers would be the solution to my 'problem' but after 5 years of meddling with relaxers on and off I have finally decided to work with my hair instead of against it. It takes long to realize that my hair is not a problem to be solved. I respect it the way it is and it is finally happy.

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