Meetup Planning: The Trials and Tribulations

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We have been pondering (for a year and a bit) about hosting our second natural hair meet-up, following up on the success of the first one, remember this and this. If you guys know us, we love grandeur and always come up with elaborate plans! However this planning has been difficult because we are not sure what you guys would like and how to make sure we please you all.

So far we are stuck with great venues, however most are very expensive (we have expensive taste), see below;

Sierra Lounge

Mercury Lounge

Sierra - Pros
  1. Sierra is just so gosh darn pretty! We love the ambience.
  2. We could have a whole floor to ourselves. That's right, they are willing to provide a closed off section just for us curly girls to have our private relaxed and oh-so exclusive fun! 
  3. The planned activities will be comfortably conducted (product swaps, games and giveaways).
  4. The setup will be tres chic with a cocktail vibe to it... (are you convinced yet?)
  5. There will be drinks and delish bitings to be had.
  6. Located in the 2nd floor of Yaya Center, we believe Sierra will be a safe, central and friendly locale to host the meetup.
Sierra - Cons

  1. Right, so in order to have all that and more... Sierra will charge us a fee of KES 1,000/- per head. 
  2. Now you know our 20-something year old behinds can't cover that - assuming we get the same numbers (if not more) as the last meetup - we might as well go for broke right now. So the question is, would y'all be willing to pay the bare minimum of 1000/- to have the meetup in Sierra? Let the debates begin!

Mercury- Pros
  1. It's Mercury! Who doesn't love Mercury! We feel that Mercury has this awesome Sex in the City vibe to it and it could be the perfect funky venue for our Kurls Night Out (spoiler alert).
  2. One word: Cocktails.
  3. Two words: Awesome Music.
  4. This would be a great venue to simply let our hair down out, nothing fancy. Just imagine all of us in our fro's, dancing, mingling.. just doing our thang! 
Mercury - Cons
  1. It won't be that exclusive. Actually it won't be exclusive at all (picture going out with your girls and having a gay old time. Simples)
  2. We're not sure if it can host the total number of awesome natural girls that will grace this auspicious occasion... we know you'll be there.
  3. Due to the music levels, our activities will have to be put on hold for now.

Under the list of consideration, we were also thinking of the Island over at Westlands. Are there any other venues you guy know, manage or would recommend?

We would love to hear from you on what kind of ideas you envision for a meetup. Kindly share on our facebook page, twitter and in the comments!

On a special side note: if you a Kenyan natural hair blogger/ fashion blogger we would TOTALLY love to have you join us as official hosts to the meet up! All interested parties need only email us - - and we can make this the ultimate natural hair event of the year :) kinda something like this.... Check out the video below!

Rossie said...

i vote for sierra, more laid back.

Cosmogirl said...

Ohh :( I wish I was there!

SugarPuss said...

Does that k cover the drinks and food? How much are cocktails, rough estimate of how much i need to scrounge up...I also vote for Sierra.

Sue said...

This is just an opinion since I can't attend the events: Of the two, Sierra seems to be the winner. The whole point of a meetup is for like minded people to interact, seems like that would be difficult at Mercury if you don't have your own exclusive space.

Varyanne said...

I.Love.Sierra. I was there just last week for work and I absolutely loved it. I'd also like to know, what would the K cover? I'd definitely attend given enough tim for preparation. Sierra gets my vote.
P.S: Last week at Sierra, the Maitre D told me his name was 'Kiki' and I made a face as I asked, Kiki? Really? I didn't really say 'really?', but with the face, I might as well have, probably should have thrown in a good award winning eye roll in there too. I felt horrible. I'm just telling you because I can't apologize to him so by confessing to someone, I'm sort of assuaging my guilt. Sigh. So, yeah, Sierra.

evbu said...

Sierra and we can have a dress/attire color theme for the event! does the 1000 cover food and drink? also sierra would be good if we having speakers etc

tess said...

ive been waiting for this!!!wuhuu!!!hoping the 1000 for Sierra covers for drinks and food too:))i like the sound of that venue...haven't been there before...let's make this happen ladies would love to meet my fellow curlies:))

Jc said...

Yay glad you are having another one. Will be in touch about blogging the event :)

I don't really have a say given that I am not there but if 1K covered some nibbles and drinks (not necessarily alcoholic, I'd be happy with some fanta and water lol), I would be happy to pay.

Suzanne said...

Sierra !

Just Taidi said...

Awesome!!! Let's dooodis!! I vote sierra. Feels laid back and we can actually interact without having to shout over the music. I like...yeah, do tell what the k would cover.

Nimo said...

i vote sierra!!!! :)

it's about time for a natural girls meet up!

Nukta said...

Sierra wins because of the option of letting us have our own space. 1000 bob is a bit pricey, though, so I'd suggest we get notice well in advance. And don't schedule it on a 3rd weekend!

Anonymous said...

I vote Sierra! If the 1000bob at least covers bitings that's good enough for me!

Th@girlY'allKnow said...

#TeamSierra :) :)

Ute120 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mary said...

Great! I'm glad you all like Sierra because I think it would be just PERFEEEEECT!

The 1000/- will indeed cover drinks and bitings, and if you've been to Sierra you'll know to expect an amazing spread. OK now on to the planning.

Thanks for your input ladies! x

Curly-Natural-Me said...

Sierra of course!!

African Bee said...

Sierra Sierra Sierra. When is it going to be again? Or is the jury still out on that one?

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