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Friday, October 19, 2012

Siobhan asks,

"Thanks for your wonderful blog.

I am trying to go natural ( for 3 months now), so 99% of my hair is processed.! my hairline has receded to my feet (true, I swear). 

I am a banker and therefore must maintain a neat hairdo.Which hairstyle is neat enough for one who works for such an uptight employer (bank)"

Aww thanks Siobhan, we love receiving emails like these. Natural hair and the workplace can be very easy to do, it just requires some creativity and lots of imagination. The quickest and easiest styles are updos. We have highlighted some simple styles below with short instruction on how to do them. Most of the styles start off with clean, conditioned and detangled hair, however you could also start the style with an old twist out or braid out.

  • Start off with a twist out, brush/gather your hair to the front of your head and using a band or hair pin secure the hair at the top of your head. Once this is done, gather sections and pin them facing the back of your head.

  • Start off with either an old twist out or dry hair. Do a side parting and pin your hair on the side, grab sections around the parting and pin them away, framing your face.

  • The image on the left can be done by your local hairdressr, you could even print out the picture and take it in. Simply cornrows done in a mohawk style and then pinned
  • The image on the right is Janelle Monae Inspired ( see the youtube video below for simple instructions) 

  • Flat twist or cornrow the sides of your hair, then twist the front, middle and back then pin the twists into a twist-hawk

A simple and easy to do hairdo, for work or play

To maintain the updo for a week, take it down and moisturise then repin. Hope that helps Siobhan... and hope you don't get the side eye from HR!

Have a lovely weekend folks

Cosmogirl said...

Nice! I'm always on the search for updos, especially quick and easy ones! They're a nice change to the funky fro. I'll be doing a section on updo videos soon, after I've done the basics. So I'll prob try some of these too :)

Anonymous said...

Funky mami! Doing my protective styling for a month or two, but when I chuck my braids, I'mma rock on with my bad self and dorn that funky up-do!

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