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Friday, September 21, 2012

Hey guys,

Remember earlier in the year when I put up the post on my New Year resolutions? In case you haven't read it, here you go. If you are curious, up until now, I have only managed to accomplish 3/10 of my ambitious list of self improvement goals (I got my abs y'all, and I've managed to improve and maintain them: update coming up)... Sadly everything else kinda got, how shall I put this, "postponed".

It's one of those things about being human. When placed in front of an obstacle or challenge, should we fail to get into the right mindset about how we will recognize the challenges ahead, deal with them and emerge triumphant, then we are doomed to fail before we even begin. 

21 Days of Eating Clean

This fact applies to nearly every facet of our lives; take going natural for example. Some of us think that going natural is a choice that is as simple as switching to decaf. Sure, there are those who take to the sweet, natural life like champs and with ease, and to them I say, good for you! However, there are those of us who weren't prepared for the unique challenges being natural entails. The latter usually cave and revert (no pun intended) to their previous relaxed (puns for all!) lives. There is no judgement here; what works for some doesn't apply across the board, so do you.




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21 Days of Listening to My Hair

I am in awe of the human's spirit ability to adapt and evolve. We are some resilient buggers, who, if truly determined, can accomplish anything in life. Youtube is full of prime examples of the the power of the human spirit. All we ever need is that spark; that divinely inspired instant when we decide we want to work towards a specific goal. This goal can be aimed at personal improvement, par exemple: waking up early, sticking to a certain diet, reading more, running marathons, mositurizing your hair regularly, making new friends and what have you. The goal can also be aimed at breaking a bad habit such as, smoking, drinking sodas, biting your nails, swearing, etc. Whatever the case, if we are truly dedicated to achieving our goals, there will be an element of discipline and sacrifice involved.

I love Wednesday Adams

At this juncture I would like to introduce: the 21-Day Trial Program. This is a self-initiated program where you stick to a certain activity for 21-days – every day, continuously. Research shows that it takes 21 days to fully cultivate a new habit because 21 days is the time required for new neuropathways to be fully formed in your brain! 

I like the concept of the 21-Day Trial because I find that it applies to me personally on so many levels. I find that when I set my mind on something, I constantly need to make a connection to the act/ decision as one of the elements that define me as an individual. Quitting makes me doubt my sincerity to the cause and in turn, doubt my character. Which is why I respect the terms of the 21- Day Trial.

Terms of the 21-Day Trial
There is only one simple term of this trial. You must perform that activity every day, without fail, for 21-days. If you do happen to slip in one of the days before the trial is up, you need to redo it all over, starting from day one. No exceptions allowed. Breaking it for 1-day will affect your experience of the activity and that subsequently clouds your findings and conclusions. As mentioned in the beginning of the post, it takes 21-days for our brains to fully develop a new habit. If you want to do this, do it well and do it right!

Success of the trial is measured by your ability to stick with the activity for 21 consecutive days, which means you would have developed it into a habit by then. Your conclusions on whether you want to continue the habit depends on whether you think whether you are better off with or without this habit.

21 Days of Running and Working Out

After the 21 Days, I would advise you to sit back and evaluate the changes you have experienced. If positive, keep calm and carry on! Congratulations, you are a new woman! If negative, stop and rethink your strategy vs. what you had hoped to achieved. Start again.

Mary's 21 - Day Trial List 
  1. Eliminate processed foods from my life. (Day 15)
  2. Become a vegetarian. I do like animals and I find them cute... and some of them are rather tasty. The reason I want to become a vegetarian is because I find that I was healthiest when I went without meat for a year. (Day 13)
  3. Run everyday. No excuses. (Day 5). Working Out (already a habit baby! BOOM!)
  4. Moisturize and twist my hair every night before I sleep. Y'all cannot believe how lazy I am about this. (Day 4)
  5. Draw and/ or paint. I actually love to draw - bet you didn't know that - I have silly hang ups about my work, but my loved ones have always told me to get over them... and so I will :) (Day 1)
21 days! I have nothing to lose.... I'm actually excited about the progress I have made and the changes to come. 

What do you think? I this a bunch of BS or are you sold. Whatever the case, I would love to hear your thoughts... also if you're willing to give it a try I want to hear YOUR 21 Day Trial goals. 

Keep it kurly y'all, enjoy the weekend..
Muthoni Hari said...

Hi there...all the best!!! I quit smoking on New Years Day this year and I have not smoked since...but I have to say, there are days that I could just die for a ciggie.

Anonymous said...

1. Read the bible. I am not consistent. Day 1 starts today
2. Drink 8 glasses of water. Day 1 starts today
3. Wash my face before going to bed. Day 1 starts today

Crystal Serena said...

MOISTURE! Time to kick off the laziness....

SugarPuss said...

1. Stop calling my ex an asshole, even in my thoughts. day 10...this is important coz i need to let go of that hurt
2. Stop cursing. Day 3... fuck this is hard!! day 1 :(
3. Sticking to my daily budget. day 7...i end up buying useless snacks and junk so i end up eating healthy
4. Run. Day 0, starts tomorrow
5. Use more colours on my eyeshadow plate. Day 2...i have an eyeshadow plate with over 60 colours and i only use the "safe" colours...such a waste! So i got new brushes to use.

As am always at war with myself, this 21 day thing is going to be interesting, if i survive it! Thanks mary <3

Nonhlanhla Mtshali said...

Hey there;)
1work out(run and weight training) 4 times a week(not work)
2. Twist my hair (i get tired and arms get sore)
3. Base my scalp regularly.

Nalyaka said...

So guilty of not finishing through 21 days. This has just psyched me up. Starting tomorrow i.e day one. skipping begins

A Simple Thing said...

Love this idea so much! I'll start when I find a house.

It seems like a brilliant idea for someone with short term concentration issues...>.< heh heh!

Kenyan Enterpreneur said...

Cycling for 30 minutes a 2 weeksnow! I will continue until winter makes it unsafe.....then start a healthy hair challenge ( washing hair 3 times a week and using castor oil only!)

kiki. said...

starting today. 15 minutes of pilates everyday, that plus the walking i do daily is my work out goal.

Sticking faithfully to my budget....starting today.

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